90 boost bad or good?

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just want some opinions :)
good. its one damn toon per account.
It won't affect me much. Trying to get players back? Smells of desperation.
One toon? Sounds like they know MoP was a flop. Probably giving everyone a free skip past it.
Oh noes wont have to waste hours of my life leveling an alt.

Oh noes wont have to waste hours of my life leveling an alt.


Cash shop now has 30 packs of level boost for 132.18$ each! BUY THEM. BUY THEM NOW.
I think every account should have a free boost, one free race change, one free relam transfer. ALthough with connected realms rolling in we might not really need a free transfer soon.
Oh noes wont have to waste hours of my life leveling an alt.

Free 90 is a great thing. It means people can skip panda the worst expansion to date (in my opinion)

but yea you can constaly buy more expansions and get more 90s and transfer them over to your main account.

10 levels of leveling plus that new place where you practice rotations should be enough training for returning vets.

It would be a waste to get a free 90 dk when they start at level 55 hehe
I think it's a numbers game. In my opinion they looked at the sub count lost and are chalking it up to MOP and are seeing if granting this will bring people back due to the fact that I don't think those people wanted to play Pandaria in the first place.
Since you can level from 1-90 in 2-3 days now it's not really a big deal. People who whine about not working for it are ridiculous. How is leveling working hard now? The first few days of the new toons there will be people not knowing how to play them yet but so what? We had that with DK's and we still get people at 90 that have no clue how to play their toons. I see people with 535+ gear still barely breaking 50k!

Like my mom said to me when I swallowed a penny as a kid... This too shall pass.
It's good. Leveling from 1 to 90 could be a barrier to some players. So boosting a character up to 90 will get them playing current content quicker. They will have ten levels to go before they reach max level anyway. It would also be a good idea to offer the chance to boost other characters to level 90 as well.
do you get full gear when you boost??
inb4 anyone tries to say leveling teaches you to play your class.(there are 0 quests you cant complete by frostbolt spamming) Not picking on mages, shadowbolt/steadyshot/wrath works too.

And there are 0 quests that even mention your classes priority system. Something a class quest/trainer should probably teach you blizzard *cough* at least the basics of it. You dont need to mention haste breakpoints and such. It's common sense for most MMO players to use your highest damage abilities when you can, but some players need to be spoonfed that.

I think it's a great addition. I've leveled a lot of alts in my time, but I've also switched servers a lot to be with friends and left those alts behind. I dont have the drive to do the insanely dull 1-90 grind again (I've done it 4x this xpac) So this is a great reason to try something different that i've always wanted to give a shot.
I've been playing since November, 2005. I like the idea of a free level boost.

Wish they'd be clear on when it would expire, though...
In my honest opinion.. the people whose played for awhile like me. ive been here since 2006. its a huge slap in the face.. i meen each expansion it seems to get easier and easier for people. What about the people whose worked their way up from vanilla WoW? I do NOT agre with the free level 90 thing....
I could care less. I got 9 90's. If I do one probably be one of my bank toons if anything (something I never play). Takes 1-90 to learn you're class and rotations so it might be a mess.
Honestly, it doesn't affect us really.

It is intended to bring back subscribers, that's the intent.

However that barely affects us personally. It's not like we are making dividends off Blizzard stock.

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