Oceanic/Asia Based Players?

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Hey all. First off, I'm a military guy stationed in Korea. I jumped on WRA after playing WoW since BC because I started to get interested in RP. I was involved in forum based Star Wars roleplay for a few years, but never anything in a video game. I instantly fell in love with the community here, though I didn't do much RP mainly because of the 12-13 hour time difference. Eventually, in spite of loving the server, I decided to move to an oceanic realm that was closer to my time zone.

Having been on Saurfang for a month or two now I can safely say I miss WRA and plan to come back. However, I was interested to see if there was any other players based in Australia/Oceanic/Asia that play on WRA and if there were any guilds already established for players in this time zone. I've asked around on the WRA Facebook page also and had a response or two, but was hoping for more of a response here. If there's no guilds already up for people in this time zone, I've tossed around creating one myself to kind of group us all together and make it easier to play during what is essentially WRA's off-hours.

Thanks all!
I'm an Australian playing on WrA also looking for people in the similar time-zone.
My toon is A-side, however I plan on making a Hordie to scout out the RP options on both sides (new to the server n such).
I play both Alliance and Horde, but since I'm such a big fan of draenei and the next expansion having so much draenei lore I might be switching factions when I server swap this character. Still up in the air though - I have a 90 draenei paladin already on WRA so I'm not sure yet.

There was a nice little thread a little while back that was discussing Australian timezone players on WrA that Ephalix had set up. There are a few of us, myself included, listed there if you'd like to take a gander at it (it's called "Aussies on WrA", I think). Feel free to add Coraana for Blue-side company or Tallys for the Horde (she's belfy so... Judge as you will XD). They're not entirely leveled yet so I'm mostly good for your RP fix for the moment, hehe.
Cheers! Once I ding 90 on this here mage I'll be switching him to WRA and start looking for a home. Glad to see there's a few here though!
Yay! Come on over, we Accordians will be waiting with cookies and milk!
If you ever need help getting adjusted or whatnot feel free to hit me up. If I can't personally assist, I can more often than not point you in the right direction :)

See you soon!

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