Poor me, the Sad Prot Pally

Although I did come across a video other people might be interested in


Everything in the video is considered fair play in WOW as far as I am aware. I am not the authority of what is allowed and what isn't allowed. But all adjustments made are for graphic not game play so it doesn't show you how to change setting that would improve or adjust your toons abilities. Only the graphics.

The video actually shows you ways of increasing you graphics. I did the reverse and set all of the graphics listed in the video down the Lower than Low settings and Saw about 10 to 20 FPS increase. So, that might help

As far my Upkeep on SoTR I am working on it. I took out the macro and changed buttons around. I have been practicing combat rotation with my new button config. So people will have to look at my stats from the next time I tank. The guild that I am in is running SoO flex tonight. however, that doesn't mean I will be tanking. Depends on who shows up.

I still stand by my statement that Playing protection paladin really isn't that complicated. It really seems to be nothing more than a standard combat rotation. I think the only real complication of it would be SoTR and using your major CDs are appropriate times.

For most complicated gameplay I have come across so far is the MW monk. It offers a number of different play styles and you need to be able to adjust your play style to the situation you are facing. But that is all opinion based. I haven't played all the classes to 90. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who have.

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