Warlords of Draenor expansion release date

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Your own data shows to shortest gap between announcement and release to be over 11 months.

Also don't forget they are doing the state squash and changes which (I would guess) would far exceed the amount of work of the talent revamps.
Late August or early September. I think a lot of the earlier estimates are wishful thinking and/or putting way too much stock in blizzard's stance of wanting to release expansions quicker (this is one of THE companies famous for taking their time with releases).

It makes no sense to release it in the summer as that's the slowest time of the year and they've shown no signs of being anywhere close enough to release it in the spring so that leaves September-ish or possibly later but I think they really don't want to push it much later if they can help it.

Just look at their desired release of the D3 expansion; it's obviously positioned to stave off a horrendous quarterly report caused by sub loss from MoP burnout. One thing they're absolutely, 100% NOT going to do is release them super close together so that the initial sales are on the same quarterly report.
SoO was released September 10th. Remember ICC or Dragon Soul? Yeah, thats about the same timeframe. In the later case they had D3 as a cushion, and now they have RoS. I think Blizzard is aware Diablo and Warcraft's playerbase overlaps quite a bit.

Blizzard seems pretty intent on rolling content out faster and faster. I really don't think we're in for a year of Siege of Orgrimmar.
I could see July or close to it. Releasing when the kiddos get out of school for the summer is a nice time.
I could see July or close to it. Releasing when the kiddos get out of school for the summer is a nice time.

It is the slowest time of year so no.
I could see July or close to it. Releasing when the kiddos get out of school for the summer is a nice time.

It's actually the worst time of the year and they've consistently avoided summer release dates for vanilla and every expansion after. You'd want to release it when it's cold and folks will largely be inside more.

Blizzard seems pretty intent on rolling content out faster and faster. I really don't think we're in for a year of Siege of Orgrimmar.

Vaelys is right, they always talk about releasing things faster and it never pans out.

The best indicator will be when WoD has its beta. Since it hasn't even been announced yet and it's probably going to be a long one as there as some huge changes they'll want to thoroughly test, it's extremely doubtful it'll be a Q1/Q2 release.

Believe me, the D3 expansion sales are meant to soften the blow from sub loss due to WoD taking a long time to be released.
They would never release in fall. 12 months of SoO. yeah not going to work. also previous expansions had the final raid tier still being worked on when this was announced. not this time. side note: the map is already finalized
I think the upcoming Warcraft movie will be a factor in this release. It's pretty safe to say that Blizzard will want to cash in on the movie with a related WoW release. I don't think Warlords is that expansion. That said, they're going to want to release the next "after Warlords" expansion in time with the release of the Warcraft movie. The movie has been pushed out until March 2016, so Blizzard is going to want Warlords to hold everyone over until that time. This could translate into a March 2014 release for the Warlords release given to Blizzard's two year expansion pack cycle.
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At Blizzcon they said WoD was much further along in development than MoP was at it's announcement. Since Blizzcon was a month earlier for MoP we can use MoP's release date and the above info for an educated guess.

So I'd guess the end of August even though that's still Summer and considered the worst time to launch.
Always a fall release for expansions it seems except for BC.

Xmas gifts for all as usual.

There is probably some concern with Elder Scrolls Online coming out this year. With that release date looming, it will be interesting to see what that does to the new expanions' release date.
Competition just got serious.
Aug 19th.
They are building new zones, they put huge emphasis on how they're not just reskinning the old Outland zones.
MoP came out 22 months after Cata. 22 months after MoPs release date is late July of 2014.
When Blizzard did the annual pass, if you bought the collectors edition of Diablo 3, they credited you with 4 months of WoW time. I think they assumed that people would play Diablo 3 for about 4 months. 4 months after Diablo 3's expansion is also in late July.
My prediction is July 23.
in all honesty, were all here foaming at the mouth and chewed every last bit of the meat off the bone of what Warcraft has to offer us, regardless if theres any more gear altercations (WERE READY NOW) , the dailys are just means of boredom and useless , the timeless isle, is nothing but a little play ground were ordos and celestrials seems to be with no excitement , nore difficulty, All of us, as millions of players are at the part of the game where The administration of Warcraft knows , THIS EXPANSION 2014 HAS TO DROP SOON, or there going to lose another epic amount of players (***AGAIN***). The calculations on this page , unfortunately are dead on, you guys are brilliant at brainstorming and breaking down the facts, But down the line, if they do to us like they did CATA, i SPELL DOOM . like come on, the Newbs are laughing at the last SoO raids and Timeless dailies..
Do PvP seasons factor in? Are they random and overlap expansions or are they set periods of time to coincidently(or not) coincide with xpac releases? Just throwing that out there cause yeah, I'm chompin at the bit for WoD too. =)
Another factor you should consider is the release of the pre-expansion novel.
It seems like they really low balled the content in this one to get it out quicker.

I'd say July too.

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