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More mohawks for every race/gender. No exceptions.

And African-american hairstyles. I wanna be undead Bob Marley.
Eh, I admit I haven't read all 18 pages of posts....

[....and I hope someone else didn't mention this already, because I'm tired and droopy (have a little bug from being in town with "people" not covering their mouths when they cough), and about half lit just to make me feel better....]

I'd like to see the vrykul male hair and beard options available for dwarf and human males.
Longer pony tails!
These are so cool. I'd kill for those undead hairstyles.
I want Dahvie Vanitys hair from Blood on the Dance Floor

02/10/2014 08:19 PMPosted by Agitated
Longer pony tails!
amen Longer pony tails longer hairstyles please blizzard please
Blizzard, please!!!!!!!
2 days after this thread was created I started my first day at the job I'm at... lol.
How long can Bliz ignore you for...
11/15/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Velryssa

Still am waiting for that to be a hairstyle.
rip Killercaitie
They need to add these hair styles
Boxer braids for fem dwarfs
The more the better
stop this nonsense.
I'd like some dreadlocky hairstyles for draenei, both male and female. For the females, maybe incorporate their tendrils into their hair styles.Braided pigtails with the tendrils woven in? Maybe some jewelry, or tendrils woven together with lace or bound with cloth or leather. Sinched lightly behind the head to keep them out of sight or out of the way?

There's a lot they can do there.

Mohawks, yeah. Different styles and lengths of mohawks. That crazy half-shaved head/half long hair thing. That'd be pretty fierce. Fully shaved head option for females of all races.

More beard styles for male humans. Wizard beard, especially.
I want two things.

First with the HD update, the Draenei ponytail hairstyle got super droopy and it looks like crap. Can we update it so it looks more like the Blood Elf HD ponytail?

Second, not really a hairstyle but Yrel's horns for female Draenei.
This just makes me sad because KC stopped playing. :(
The hairstyles and dances of the different races should be available to characters that reach exaulted with that race. Maybe have a new quest open up that allows you to seek a racial hairstylist or dance master. It shouldn't be too much work for programmers to allow for this since its already stuff in game

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