LVL 100 talents

Not a fan of the seal twisting talent at all. I know its early on but no one liked totem twisting except maybe the most bad !@# players and no one will like seal twisting. A much better idea is to have a talent that combines seals so two can be active at the same time. On another note really excited about the xpac had canceled my sub but now you got me all renewing it and shiz.
What makes this talent very hard to adapt to is that it's tied to the Judgment spell, if it was just Seal Swapping it'd be way easier to use...
Just like the old days. Plus since it lasts 20(30?) sec it aint too bad. (Compared to WF totem which had a 9 sec duration if i remember correctly)
only way seal twisting would be ok is if its off the global cd otherwise its gonna be a real hastle to do it otherwise since warriors and dk stance twisting has bigger impact because of xtra dmg and hp + armor and reduction so it doesnt feel as big of impact as it does as a ret pally

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