What would you recommend I do now?


Sorry to be vague or if this is in the wrong place, but I'm just a bit unclear as to what to do now to progress my character. Ret spec, also dabble in tanking as I was a prot warrior in vanilla wow circa 2005.

My gear is not good, item level only 466, have a decent sword I guess, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to get that up a bit. Should I just keep queing in LFR and hope I get a couple more pieces? Are there dailies/rep grinds etc you would recommend? I wanted to reach out to the community.

I'm at a point now where I would either roll a new character or get a bit more serious on this guy. I enjoy the flexibility of this class and wanted to stick with it.

Thanks for any guidance,
Kill rare mobs in timeless isle to get 496 gear. Sha of anger drops a quest that gives 476 boots. There was a quest that gave 502 boots but not sure if it's available with SoO.
502 boot quest should still be available, but I haven't gotten a toon to 90 since 5.4 to confirm where it starts; Seat of Knowledge would be a good place to check, though.

Other than that, yeah, LFR.

EDIT: At 466, heroic scenarios would be good, too, and there's still 522 VP gear you could get.
Thanks to you both. What were the 502 boots called?
...Dunno; I've replaced them, and neither my Warrior or my DK is using them. o_O

EDIT: Aha! My DK got the tank boots and is logged as Frost. Quest link from Wowhead:

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