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Does anyone know how to go about getting an invite for the beta of the new xpac?
Annual Pass redux
Have your beta opt-in settings select Warcraft. Then pray.
Beta profile on your Battlenet profile. Whether you get in or not is probably going to rely on luck again.
Make sure you update your beta preferences in account management is the first step. Step two is wait until they announce it and see if you get an invite in one of the waves.
You do realize that Beta is for testing. It isn't so you can get a free preview before the game starts.
The same way they do every other beta. I personally hope I dont get a beta invite. Playing in the Mists beta kinda dulled it for me
Thank you all! And yes I know beta's are for testing, but they are also for previews of the game. How many times have I heard people talking about what this and that was like in the beta version. It generates more interest especially for people who want to know more about it. I just would like the experience of putting in my opinions of the game, plus it would be wicked fun!
frankly I would love to get in on it, it doesn't dull the game for me, and gives me a chance to get into my characters changes before I am scrambling to figure them out live. Because I was in the Beta for Mists, I know 5 people who came back and my husband bought us BOTH the expansion.
Go to your battle.net account settings and make sure to update your beta opt-in settings. After that, once beta begins, it will be luck of the draw if you get in or not. Because around expansion releases, there are lots of fake phishing emails, if you receive an email about getting into the beta, do not click any links in the emails. If you really get into the beta, you can log directly into your battle.net account and the beta will be listed with the rest of your games.

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