Garrisons idea: Incude alts!

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So, nearly everyone has those alts who you have gotten to 90 just for professions or are former mains/leveling projects. What if these were included into your garrison as NPC's? All your same faction alts can wander around your garrison doing their own things.

Your death knight could be in the inn. A hunter tending to his pets. A warrior training new recruits, or sparring with a training dummy. Your mage studying over a glass of ale in a tower. A druid caring for the garden.

Even if they added no bonus, it would make for great aesthetics to see that your characters aren't sitting around and are enjoying themselves even while you aren't playing them.
I would love this. Invite other players in so you don't got to go "I have a level 59 shammy, 73 death knight, level 18 hunter" .
Yesssss! I really love this idea!
This is brilliant.
This is a fantastic idea, perhaps someone should suggest this to the devs, as I am pretty certain that unless a blue does it, won't happen in the general discussion forum.
During a q&a at blizzcon some1 had asked about this. The had said they haven't thought of doing that but said it may become a possibility.
Yeah, this would be friggin' awesome.
id love this, but what if your alts could be your followers, and you can use the garrison to level them up
They would outdo the Legacy System of SW:TOR if they did that.
11/11/2013 12:48 AMPosted by Lacryma
This is an Excellent suggestion, and I would go one step further to suggest Garrison's be account-wide. (2 iterations you can build for Alliance and Horde.)
The drawback on being account wide is with the resource gathering and loot gathering. Perhaps a hybrid of account wide where your alts can appear in each other toon's garrisons but certain parts of the garrison remains per character.

I would love to see my Alts as NPC's in my garrison!
Yes. Yes please.
I think they would need to adjust the design concept of garrisons for this.

If you get a separate garrison for each character, this wouldn't really work since your characters would be on their own garrisons.

If you get a single garrison for all toons on a particular realm and faction, it could work. But I don't think that's how it is currently designed.
I'd really like this if it was implemented.
...This is actually a phenomenal idea.

I have 11 90s, or near 90s that will likely all be 100s or near 100s that I just have because I level them when I'm bored, even when I only really play 1 or 2 at endgame. If I could incorporate them into "my story" with the garrison that would be awesome.
It would save those with too many alts from burning themselves out.

One garrison per server/faction. Each toon can contribute to it some meaningful way, and perhaps get their own room.
Yes. Yes please

If blizz don't do it, I'm just going to damn well do it in blender now.
I'd also like a combined garrison, if only because maintaining 11 Halfhill farms is time enough out of the day and I have no idea how long it's going to take maintaining 11 of these garrison things.

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