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While I absolutely love the idea of naming my followers and seeing them go about my garrison, I want my alts to be there soo much more.
It really is an awesome idea. Like if a character on your account has already established a garrison, then any other character on that account has the option either to found a garrison, or to enter the inn of your existing garrison where s/he can be recruited as a follower. And from then on can appear and either be sent on profession missions, or just hang out as a flavor NPC.

And when playing the alt, the character who owns the garrison should appear as a flavor NPC.
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11/11/2013 01:00 AMPosted by Alacialuun
This is an Excellent suggestion, and I would go one step further to suggest Garrison's be account-wide. (2 iterations you can build for Alliance and Horde.)
The drawback on being account wide is with the resource gathering and loot gathering. Perhaps a hybrid of account wide where your alts can appear in each other toon's garrisons but certain parts of the garrison remains per character.
Putting all your characters into the same garrison also means relaxing the incentive to rush a huge swarm of alts to 90 so they can be extra offline gatherers. I never had a serious problem tending 7 Halfhill farms, but it definitely gave me a ridiculous amount of mats compared to players without so many alts. The only crafting mat I EVER bought in MoP was golden lotus, and even that was simply to convert cheap gems into metas to sell.

If having alts only helps to build a single garrison faster, then there's simply a decision of whether you want to spend time leveling alts or working the garrison on your main.
If they slowly gain xp/prof as they're in there up to the start of the current xpac(assuming max level garrison)... oh yes. Oh yes indeed.
Oh damn... just had another thought.

You send your garrison NPCs on missions right?

Allow one of your alts to go with them, and depending on the quality of the alt's gear it'll increase their chance of success.

Hell yeah.
Yes. This is a grand idea!
I would love to see this. I don't need them functional whatsoever but I would love to see my alts just standing around together.
/this will never happen but the idea is fantastic!
No do not want this good idea.

Stop making good ideas.

(Am I doing it right?)
I really want this. My alts all have a story that binds them together. It would make perfect sense that they all live together like this.
This idea is genius!
I love this idea!

Something I'd like to see if this happens is being able to "script" what your alts do/say (unlikely I know, but let a guy hope!")

I could totally see my DK going at it at a Training Dummy with my Hunter sitting perched on a nearby wall.

Hunter: "Hey that's a pretty good sword you got there, but it's not as good as my THUNDERFURY!"

DK: "Wait... Thunderfury isn't a Hunter weapon... WHY DID YOU TAKE A SWORD AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO CAN ACTUALLY USE IT?!"

Hunter: "Because it goes along nicely with my Sulfurus!"

DK: "Sulfurus too?! YOU CAN'T EVEN PICK IT UP! Next I suppose you'll be telling me you got the Main Hand Warglaive too?"

Hunter: "Well since you mentioned it..."

*DK walks off*
So, nearly everyone has those alts who you have gotten to 90 just for professions or are former mains/leveling projects. What if these were included into your garrison as NPC's? All your same faction alts can wander around your garrison doing their own things.

Your death knight could be in the inn. A hunter tending to his pets. A warrior training new recruits, or sparring with a training dummy. Your mage studying over a glass of ale in a tower. A druid caring for the garden.

Even if they added no bonus, it would make for great aesthetics to see that your characters aren't sitting around and are enjoying themselves even while you aren't playing them.

hire this (wo)man
I like this. Sounds like a fun idea, and I would love to see my alts roll in.
If this actually happened, it would obliterate any and all competition in the player housing scene in any MMO, ever.
Considering the size of the garrison it should totally be server wide and include all of your alts on the same faction. Furthermore when you're not logged in on your other characters, if they were stationed in the garrison it should show them wandering around, doing work, or chillin' at the inn. That would add such a neat, immersive aspect to the game.
It'd be awesome, my miner alt hanging out with my blacksmithing alt at the forge arguing about the intricacies of metallurgy. My LW alt with my skinner alt hanging out at the murlok tadpole breeding grounds, falling in loooove.
I love this idea! I was coming here to suggest it actually.

Garrison should be account bound and we should assign a character as a 'king' of sorts. That way the others could be used as the mercenaries that were shown. It would be very fun to send my alts into dungeons, though I don't expect them to level up from that.
It'd be awesome, my miner alt hanging out with my blacksmithing alt at the forge arguing about the intricacies of metallurgy. My LW alt with my skinner alt hanging out at the murlok tadpole breeding grounds, falling in loooove.

LOL, you must play The Sims.

It is starting to go that way though.

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