Garrisons idea: Incude alts!

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I want to say that I support this because seeing my alts wandering around would be fantastic, but it's mostly that the thought of reworking multiple garrisons seems daunting. Doing multiple farms was more work than I really wanted to do (and so repetitive), not to mention it sucked having to fly specific characters over to harvest things instead of leaving one just parked there to be the manager.
Hopefully they will do to garrisons what they did to Blingtron and condense it into one very rewarding activity instead of 5-11 smaller ones.
This would be absolutely amazing! Do it Blizzard!

I have a feeling they won't :(

Definitely gave you a thumbs up.
So it would be sorta like the inn in Dragon Quest 9, where NPCs of other actual players could stay?

That sounds awesome as hell.
I rather like this idea.

In my case, from an RP perspective, my Mage and Priest are sisters. It would totally make sense for them to work together and run their garrison together.

Similarly, I'd like for two players to be able to work together on a garrison: I play my warrior with my RL wife on her priest, and we consider those characters to be a couple as well (RP-wise). It would totally make sense for those two to jointly run a garrison.
This would be great. I love it.

Also fun because RP wise, the four that I always level up first, whether played a lot or not, are all brothers so it would make sense.
11/11/2013 07:45 AMPosted by Brahk
I have a feeling they won't :(

If they don't I think it would come down to the technical aspects of copying the look of your char to an NPC, and then having those NPC's doing things around the base.

Can you interact with them or are we staring at ghosts of ourselves? etc
11/11/2013 12:48 AMPosted by Lacryma
This is an Excellent suggestion, and I would go one step further to suggest Garrison's be account-wide.

I hope it gets some love from the dev team. Great idea. Have same account, same realm alts in your garrison. Would be original...
thumbs up
YES! This sounds like an amazing idea!
This sounds like a great idea. Do want. Don't see a downside to it except time constraint on development.
11/11/2013 08:06 AMPosted by Ikt
If they don't I think it would come down to the technical aspects of copying the look of your char to an NPC, and then having those NPC's doing things around the base.

I don't think that would be a limiting factor. The information for appearance and gear is already stored for all characters on armory, so the data is out there. The game already "knows" what other characters are yours while you're logged into one, so you can mail BoA items around. Of course, as a user it's impossible to know the limitations of existing tech, but it seems reasonable.

That said, I LOVE this idea in general. I've long hoped that whatever farm-esque thing they implement in 6.0 would be account-wide. Especially Garrisons, which sound much more complex (and maintenance-y) than the farm, maintaining multiple sounds like it would be a lot of work. In my ideal world, we could instead have one per realm and faction, and be able to work on it while in queue on alts. Having those alts "live" there is an even more elegant (and super fun!) addition to it being account-wide.
Whoa, an amazing idea on the General Forums.

Bravo, OP.

Thumbs up, great idea!
Yes yes YES, I have 6 90s now, only 3 have come close to finishing out the farms, it takes way too long to make use of the farm. Making the garrison account-wide would make everything much easier and faster, and more personal. Who wants to do the same thing 6 times? They want to make their garrison their home, not have 6 homes that are alike.

This was brought up at Blizzcon. They said it was a cool idea and they hadn't have thought of it.

-Imagine walking into your Garrison inn and seeing your rogue alt and warrior alt chilling at a table together doing some eatting emotes.

-Walk to your infirmary and your Holy priest alt is chilling there healing an NPC.

-Walk to your stables and your Hunter alt is walking around while your current pet is off to the side eatting, maybe pets from your pet battle team are running around the stable as well.

This would really bring your Garrison to life and make it really unique compared to your friends Garrison. It would be almost as if you and your alts are all part of a group so your sharing the Garrison together, coming and going as you please. It would add a lot of atmosphere to the feature.

And beyond just your alts they could encorporate quest NPCs as well. Imagine if they add optional quests or quest chains that upon completion will allow some of the NPCs from the quest to drop by your Garrison from time to time.

MoP example: you walk into your inn and Chen Stormstout and your paladin alt are sitting at a table sharing a beer while your gnome is upstairs sleeping in one of the beds. You'd never know what to expect each time you log in to WoW and go into the Garrison area.
This is a GREAT idea.





If Blizzard did this, that would be amazing!!!!!!!!





If Blizzard did this, that would be amazing!!!!!!!!

You should be a human female called janice
great idea
absolutely love this idea

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