Garrisons idea: Incude alts!

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Love the idea. Would be cool to see some of my old characters walking around lol
i love it!! and if my garison where Account Wide i would be more happy :3

than ever :D!!

This would be SO COOL!!! I wouldn't like it if it added bonuses though, cause then alts would give you a HUGE advantage. But just having them wander around would be so freaking cool. Especially if you trnasmog'd all their armors to match a scheme.
Make it happen, Blizz.
fantanstic idea
I think this is a awesome idea that is worthy along with Cross faction Garrison sieges, PvP and battlegrounds. (Heck I would be one for going even further and say it would be sweet if players could make custom battlegrounds that weren't for honor or rating but rather just for fun like a non-ladder starcraft game. Think map editor for warcraft but that's a totally different idea)

I just see so much potential for blizzard to expand upon the garrison idea and it would be even cooler yet being on a RP server to be able to RP with your own alts with your friends/guild mates. (basically have some place you your garrison where you can speak through your characters and your alts maybe at a dinner table or something) as many of us have relationships, friendships rivalries between alt characters and it would be AWESOME if we could play them out in game.

I bump this post with my seal of approval :D
This is an awesome idea.

I would like to contribute a little, if i can.

I have a friend playing marvel heroes and he told me they implemented (or are implementing) a system where if you have a certain toon on your account it provides benefits account-wide, based on its class and level.

My suggestion here is that, since garrisons look like to have a fair role in professions, if you have certain professions leveld it did provide benefits for your garrison(s).

Blizz seemed to reward playing multiple alts in Pandaria with achievements like Quintessential Quintet, Double Agent or Master of All. This idea of adding alts (and their profeesions) to garrisons sounds really cool to me.
Amazing idea
I wouldn't ask for too much from them. You don't want Garrisons becoming something that are forced on players. Leveling alts through the garrison is a BAD idea. That's just laziness having your alts level while you aren't online. Alts are alt. But cosmetically intergrating them into the garrison would add a lot of fun to the game. Making the garrison more unique.

We had farms in MoP. Garrisons in WoD. Maybe they'll continue with this and add some form of pvp to it but I think that'd be pushing things right now.
Cool idea as long as it's purely cosmetic.
Please do this Blizzard. Such a small change that could impact how we all look at garrisons
Love the idea, to avoid the account-wide issue you could simply assign one of your characters as the "mayor" of the city. All of your other characters could be assigned to other tasks within the Garrison.

I also love the idea of leveling alts this way, rather than having to log off of your main.

Have a character that needs to level mining? put him to work in the mines

Have a level 68 mage you want to level? Send him on missions with other low level followers, or send him with a higher level follower for runs.

I love this idea
Yeah, I definitely need to add my support to this very nice idea!
This is genius!
For someone with 10 alts, this would be awesome
I would quite enjoy this feature.
that would be great. Love to see my alts there, with or without purpose.
I cannot hit +1 more than once WRRYYYY

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