Garrisons idea: Incude alts!

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I think this is an amazing idea, but I think your alts should be located by profession, rather than by class. Can you imagine walking into your garrison and having your blacksmith toon standing by a forge, ready to make armor for you? I can't believe it would be that difficult to let you access all your alts recipes by talking to them, and simply let them do the crafting for you. Many of us do this already by hopping across alts, so it's not like it is anything new, and it would give many players more incentive to level their alts. Even better, can you imagine letting people in your group have access to your alts for crafting?
Yes please, I want this very much.
Please this.
This would be great, I'd love to see all my alts doing their own thing around my garrison when I wasn't on them. Make this happen Blizzard.
Brilliant! I would love this. I could show off all my awesome transmog at once! Not to mention that I can admire it all side by side in game.
As an altoholic, yes, please this. I'd love to have my garrison come alive with all of my familiar and colorful characters.
I would love to see this combined garrison concept be reality!
I won't lie, I don't really get this.

Followers are supposed to level up and have a variety of unique traits and rarities. Adding in alts seems pointlessly difficult to fairly and properly work into the system in an interesting way.

The alts would be NPCs. They are just cosmetic. I doubt Blizzard would work them into questing and stuff even if they did add them.

It's also weird for me to have two characters in the same place at the same time... they are all me but not? Just weird.

They are different characters within the WoW universe. You just control them. I guess it might be weird for some but I think for a long of people it would be sweet to see them around together. It would 100% make every garrison unique.
This would be fantastic. Would also be cool if you could click them and use their professions or trade with them.
Love this idea.
May I add something?

Can this idea plz be CRZ? Most of my Alliance characters are back on Shu'failo, so it'd be just me in my Garrison. :(
i would love my alts walking around the garrison but ya makeing it 1 garrison per acount would be bad idea
Very interesting idea. :D
This question was fielded in the Q&A panel at Blizzcon, and I would love to see it come to pass.

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