Garrisons idea: Incude alts!

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As an altaholic, I would love this!

I believe the NPCs of your alts would have to cosmetic only. Otherwise just having alts would give you an advantage over other players. It would likely also have to be server/faction specific.

I could see it as, whichever character you are playing acts as the owner of the garrison. So if you send followers on a mission on your mage and log into your priest, the followers will still be on the mission you assigned them to on your mage. It could be like all of your characters decide how to run your garrison as a team.
As a fellow altaholic with eleven 90s, I would LOVE this! Please make it happen, Blizz.
Yes to cosmetic alts hanging around in your garrison, no to them having any function. Otherwise, it'd be a huge pain to balance between the guy who's primarily focused on his main, and the altoholic who has an alt for every profession.

Torn on the idea of making garrisons account wide. On the one hand, I remember them saying that you could put your garrison in one of several plots of land, and sometimes it'd be nice to have real estate in different areas. On the other hand, it would keep the guy with a ton of alts from being able to leverage them into piles of easy mats/money.
Posting, hope a dev responds
I would really like to see my characters all be able to somewhat interact. Perhaps we could choose a small anecdote they could say/emote to give them more personality along with whatever they might be doing?
This is a fantastic idea and I will come out in full support of it, for whatever that's worth.
Severe alt-o-holic here and I would so love to see this happen! I was just thinking to myself how cool it would be to see all my alts hanging around just kicking back together.
I throw my support fully behind this idea.
Whats the difference between me logging into each character, or each of my chars wandering around my garrison doing things. Avoiding the logon process, they can add 10 seconds too the response time of my NPC alts if it makes them feel better about it. Besides there's so many people with alts that collect dust, be amusing too too see them actually being of some value. People leveling many alts just for that purpose? OMG people playing longer and paying more money, shareholders are going too be so angry! Even better instead of logging out and back in, you just talk too that char and switch places with them.
OMG! Yes X 1000!

Id prefer if it didn't grant Xp to your alts like some people have suggested, but I LOVE the idea of seeing my alts working on my Garrison in all their hard earned transmogrified glory!
That's actually a pretty darn good idea. All my alts on my main realm are 85 or above and it would rock to see them hanging out at my garrison.
That's nice BUT are you saying that's ALL they'd be doing, I made ALL my toons to play them not to stand around, I wouldn't want my mage to JUST stand in the tower I'd want to play her too.
Yes, yes, and more Yes!

It would be SOoooo awesome to see your toons kicking it in your little city.

Love it!
/signed, with my best penmanship
From a role playing standpoint this idea ROCKS!

Also, all of my alts are support for Hizeye in any case. So this would be perfect for me. At long last Hizeye could be reunited with his long lost nephew Ramhukk.

That is a amazing idea....can we like, i don't know make a petition or something for this to happen lol
Great idea !!!

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