Wow Paladin History - As it was told to me.

I do not know if this is accurate already the deeds of the past are fading from the younger generation memories but I record this now in hope we would never forget what was done to us.

Part 1 - The Birth of the Holy Warriors.

And so it was in the year, 1995 that the Paladins of warcraft were introduced to the world. Wielding hammer of iron they were a warrior class higher then that of a knight. Many where enamored and in love with the class and in 1996 Turaylon was introduced cementing in many minds the awesomeness of the Paladin class.

Part 2- The Rise of the Light

During the third war, Paladins in warcraft transcends from being a mere upgrade to being full fledge Hero Units. No longer could you spam the field with Paladins. No they were so awesome they were limited to only one unit for you to control. While not the strongest, their paladin abilities made them an offensive force to reckon with they were never in the back acting as support in WC3. And so all was good when WoW was announced, many a paladin fans were excited about the prospect of playing one.

Part 3 - The Phantom Meance

Yet while many were enjoying the Paladin class on battle net, dark forces were moving against them. For in the World of Ever quest in the war torn lands of Norrath, two evil warrior suffered humiliation after humiliation by hybrid class. They swore to the fan forums that if ever given the chance to develop an MMO they would never let hybrid class thrive.

Years later they were hired by Blizzard as lead dev and class designers.

Part 4- Executive Order Sixty Six

It began on an auspicious day, there were unhappy rumbling in the Blizzard company about mergers, words were said, dev were lost. The game and classes were finished to be launched, all that was left was to tweak the game. Many are too young to remember but the cataclysm paladin template and battle style was what Paladins originally had in vanilla beta.

Tigol bittie, may he be forever damned and Furor, may the light blind him, were put in charge of finishing the game. Their bitterness their hatred for the class came to the forefront and in a surprising move crippled the Paladin class.

They began by taking away our crusader strike, then whils the class were down they rehauled the entire system and change our entire combat mechanics. It no longer exist now but that combat system was called Seals.

Then our three talent trees, our dps were made subpar, our tanking was made useless, a guild did not want a paladin main tank in those dark days. Then to further the humiliation thry boost our healing spec, something that was not what Paladins were known for, once they were done savaging our class they gave us a color to our name. Pink.

Part 5 - The Dark Ages

Hundreds of thousands were the fans who played a paladin from the beginning, hundreds of thousands were the number disappointed. While other classes all had a direct attack of some sort, Paladins had auto attack and Attack of the Crusader.

Yes, many do not remember but Seal of the Crusaders was our primary attack method early on. It's description? You swing faster but di reduce damage for each swing. One have to wonder why such a contradictory skill was in our skill set? To this day nobody knows.

What is known however was that singular skill made paladin dps close to theid warrior counterparts and so that skill was nerfed.

Then came endgame, no one needed a paladin main tank because we were inferior to the favored warriors. Our dps were laughed out of raids, the final humiliation was being made to look like a yellow clown and be in the back with the rest of the cloth ones to heal.


We went from Holy Warriors to healing priest. The only time you ever seen a dps paladin or an off tank paladin was if you were favored with the guild leader.

The last insult they gave us was in Zul Gurub. Where other find dolls of their classes with nifty description, the Paladin doll was labeled with this one. " Looks like a little girl." The other classes took great merriment from that one. It became common to view Paladin as stay in the back healers not Holy Warriors. That somehow because we know some holy spells our martial skills became non existent. Dark days indeed.

Part 6- Divine Counterattack

Yet despite the humiliation, the suffering, our Paladin brothers and sister trudged on. No matter how the two Dark Ones try to humiliated and defang them they fought back with greater strength and cunning.

Made our individual tree wothless? No problem we'll hybridized it! We turns our holy tree into a holy offensive casting spec, we build our dps around a single offensive holy spell. Shockadins we called ourselves! One single offensive holy spells with a 15 second coolsl down. We made it work we rocked it!

Gave us a worthless skill in the protection tree called reckoning? No problem. To this day, the paladin is the only class that could ever boost that in vanilla Wow, they single handedly defeated Kazzak.

For those too young to remember the terror of Kazzak , he was a world boss that required a minimum of forty gear out players to defeat within mere minutes. It was not uncommon to see eighty take him on. We took him down within ten seconds with a skill ment for the protection tree and was pretty much a worthless skill in the Dark Ones eyes. We owned it.

The dark ones scrambled to fix that skill that day but then due to our ingenuity, we hybridized it with the ret tree and created the now immortalized Reckoning bomb attack.

They hated us and in the next expansion gave us back our Crusader Strike skill but with a 15 second cool down. We did amazing damages with it so they nerfed us. We turned back to the holy tree for offense , they nerfed us again.

We decided to be the best damn healer we can be taking the top spot from most pure ones and we were nerfed one again.

They out us in pink armor, We rocked that pink armor!

We were defiant to the very end.

Part 7- Resurrection

In the end , it came down to a war of attrition. We finally made enough of an impact where the one that ruled over the Dark ones said enough was enough. The dark ones were removed and a new one was put in charge.

I remember the first day the one know as ghost crawler took command. He apologized for our treatment and gave us back everything we lost.

The young ones complains and still do about trival things, they have forgotten but I remember. I remember the humiliation heaped upon us, the suffering we endurd so I write this down now so the younger ones would know what it was like in those days.

~~As told to me by Alarandor of Shadowsong
I started playing this game in BC and my first toon ever was a Retadin (this guy's a reroll). By the Light am I glad that I started with a Paladin; if I'd known how much easier it was to succeed with a Hunter or Mage, I'd never have stuck with it through those dark times.
Spectacularly done, except for the part about WC3 Paladins not being back line support units. Many high-level players opted for levels into Devotion aura instead of divine shield, since it was more beneficial to the army as a whole. This made paladins prime targets to focus on in the early game.

Minor nitpicking, carry on sparkly one.

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