Holy Paladin PvP Guide!

Hello, everyone! Alphonce here to offer you my first time PvP Holy Paladin Guide. In this guide i will talk about Gems, Enchants, Reforging, Glyphs, Stat Priority, CC, Cool downs, and positioning. However, i will not be able to show any footage of my self playing (i have some out there, i think?) because my computer is unable to stream / fraps without low fps >< so hopefully you can bare with me!

Lets get started with stat priority
For PvP, there is currently two completely viable options as far as stats go. There is Crit > Spirt > Mastery > Haste which i will call “Option A”, and there is Crit > Mastery > Spirit > Haste which i will call “Option B.”Holy paladins do not need haste in arena because our main heals are instant. The main idea is to get Crit to always be on your gear, if not, then to reforge to it. Having said that, there will be a few select PvP Pieces which might appear to be more suitable based on the primary stats they hold, but are not BiS.

There are three pieces that are different as far as stats go. The names are [Insert name here] of Prowess, [Insert name here] of Cruelty, [Insert name here] of Meditation. Because we are a healer, we still want to chose the meditation one because it has baseline spirit on it. Even if you are not going for the spirit build, i find it still very crucial to have those specific pieces. All of these pieces offer Spirt + “X”. “X” would be either Crit, Haste, or Mastery. If it is spirit and crit, you are fine and do not need to reforge. If it’s spirit and mastery, reforge mastery to crit if you are running with “Option A.” If you are running “Option B”, reforge spirit to crit. Obviously, if it has spirit and haste, reforge haste to crit.

Basically, as a paladin, you want critical strike to be as high as it can be to proc “Infusion of Light.” Infusion of light can only be gained by holy shock crits, and reduces the cast speed of holy light, divine light, or holy radiance by 1.5 seconds. That is a big deal when every global counts in arena! It can also save a lot of mana.

Personally, if you are a beginner holy paladin, i would suggest going with “Option A” because you might need extra spirit to make sure you can compete the whole game. But, overall, it’s your choice.

So, basically, “Option A” goes like this.

If it has both Crit and Spirit, leave it alone.
If it has Crit and haste, reforge haste to spirit.
If it has crit and mastery. Reforge mastery to spirit.
If it has spirit and haste, reforge haste to crit.
If it has spirit and mastery, reforge mastery to crit.
You always want Crit on all of your items. So, reforge to crit unless you can’t. Sames goes with spirit, but never take away crit to make room for spirit.

“Option B” goes like this.
If it has Crit and spirit, reforge spirit to mastery.
If it has crit and haste, reforge haste to mastery.
If it has Crit and Mastery, leave it alone.
If it has spirit and haste, reforge haste to crit.
If it has spirit and mastery, reforge spirit to crit.

This allows for bigger “Heals.” The reason why i put that in quotation is because our mastery is an absorb the heals for X% amount of the initial cast. It’s basically a bubble, not really a heal for those who don’t understand.The more mastery, the higher % the bubble’s strength will be off any heal. On a side note, due to a nerf to Eternal Flame, the HoT it provided no longer causes it to proc mastery on targets, or to reset the timer, either.
Glyphs, Enchants, and Talents

Meta Gem will be the Tyrannical Primal Diamond. Ultimately the reason behind this is because it offers an insane amount of two stats in one. Although PvP Power has been nerfed, this will still benefit us a lot due to the sheer amount of PvP on the meta itself.
Red Socket Gems will be the Brilliant Primordial Ruby. This is 160 intellect. This is a pure red gem.
Blue Socket Gems will be the Purified Imperial Amethyst. This is 80 intellect & 160 spirit. This is a purple gem.
Yellow Socket Gems will be Potent Vermilion Onyx. This is 80 intellect & 160 Critical Strike. This is an orange gem.

  • Head = None
  • Shoulder = Great Crane Wing Inscription. 200 Intellect, 100 Critical Strike.
  • Cloak = Superior Intellect. 180 Intellect.
  • Chest = Glorious Stats. 80 Stats of everything.
  • Bracer = Super Intellect. 180 Intellect.
  • Weapon = Jade Spirit. Has a chance to grant 1,650 Intellect when healing. Also, if you fall under 25% mana, you also will gain 750 spirit when you proc 1,650 intellect. This effect lasts 12 seconds.
  • Shield = Major Intellect. 165 Intellect.
  • Gloves = Superior Mastery. 170 Mastery.
  • Belt = Living Steel Belt Buckle. Provides an extra socket on your belt.
  • Legs = Greater Cerulean SpellThread. Increases Intellect by 285 and Critical strike by 165.
  • Feet = Pandaran’s Step. Increase run speed slightly and 140 Mastery.
  • PvP Trinkets if Human
    Insignia of Dominance: Has a chance to grant XXX intellect when healing allies.
    Emblem of Meditation: Increase health pool by XXX.

    PvP Trinkets if not Human.

    Medallion of Meditation: Removes any snares / roots/ CC on you.
    Emblem of Meditation: Increase health pool by XXX.

    Seal of Insight is the only seal you should be using. It is thee go to seal, and the other seals need not apply because they are 99.99% useless, as holy at least.

    Lets move onto Talents, now.
    T1 = Speed of light. This increase your movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds. This ability is superior over Long Arm of the Law and Pursuit of Justice. This ability can set up great advantages for you. You can kite better, you can use it right after a fear (because we all know it has terrible pathing!), and lastly, you can use it to sprint in for a fast hoj with out leaving you completely defenseless. However, It’s best not to go through an entire team to get off an hoj, but we will talk about that later.

    Long Arm of the Law requires you to use your judgement spell in order to activate. In arena, we can not afford to spend (what i believe to be useless) globals on an ability like that. In most cases, we might be out of range in order to even cast it, or someone is training us and we need to focus on living first.

    Pursuit of Justice is almost completely useless because in order to benefit from it’s passive speed bonus, you must save your holy power. You need your holy power to be used as a heal, not a way to run faster than everyone else.

    T2 = Evil is a Point of View. It’s a great CC because it’s a fear. It does not break on damage (easily, at least), and, can only Dr’s with other fears. This is almost always the superior choice in this talent tree. If you are running with a Warlock, this choice however is no longer the best option. Fist of Justice is, even when running with a Spriest, Turn Evil is still the best CC to have.

    T3 = Eternal Flame. This is basically like Word of Glory but even better! Eternal Flame gives WoG a heal over time, and lasts 30 seconds. This is great because you it’s not limited to one target at a time, is almost anti-dot protective, meaning, if you have a 3 holy power eternal flame on your partner who is not being attacked, or on you, while someone else is the main target, chances are you will not have to even heal yourself if you have dots on. Lastly, if you have your main target beaconed, the hots from all targets with in 60 yards AND in LoS of the target will also be healed for 50% of the initial heal of the hot. It’s super effective!

    Basically, can’t chose selfless healer because it costs to many globals. Although, it seems good and neat with what it offers, it can really screw you over if you're not doing your judgements every single time. Sacred Shield is also extremely underpowered.

    T4 = Clemency gives all of our hands a second charge. Two freedoms, two hand of protections, two hands of salvation. and two hands of sacrifice. Freedomx2 is definitatly strong with two melee, and hand of sacrifice can be gamebreaker against teams with poly, scatter/trap, any cc that breaks on damage. Hand of salvation is useful against DKs who use Dark Sim and can reduce all threat generated by snake traps, sometimes psy fiends if lucky. But mainly used for Dark Sim.

    If you are facing a team with classes that rely on DoT damage like Warlock/Spriest Warlock/Dk, etc., etc, Hand of purity is really good. However, if you are running double melee, i would not suggest swapping out for HoP. If running melee/ranged/healer, then it is a completely viable and optional choice!

    T5 = Holy Avenger or Divine purpose. Holy Avenger increases heals by 30% if they generate holy power. Also, those abilities will grant 3 charges of holy power. However, if you have the 4 set bonus, and use FoL on a target without BoL on them, you will NOT generate 3 holy power. This is a great talent for when you need burst healing because of how effective Eternal Flame is. It’s also a shorter coolie with only a 2 minute CD. Divine purpose is a completely viable option, however, it’s not on demand, and have an 8% chance to proc if used with one holy power, 16% chance with 2, and flat 25% with 3 holy power. I like it, but do not use it as often as HA.

    T6 = Holy prism. It’s mana efficient, strong heal, especially when it crits, and has a short CD of only 20 seconds. The other 2 options can be viable, however, with the long one minute coolie they have, they are not viable when compared to holy prism.

    For two of the major glyphs, they are mandatory with no choice of an alternative. For the third, there is a couple of options.

    Glyph of Beacon of Light removes the Global Coolie on it, meaning you can use BoL and cast something without waiting that one second. This is needed for when they swap, whether it be to to, or to someone else. This is a great glyph and too good to pass up.

    Glyph of Flash of light increase the next heal on the same target by 10% after healing with Flash of Light. A flat 10% healing increase is absolutely ridiculous and they let us have it! This is a good, and, like i said before, completely mandatory glyph. There is really nothing else to be said about it other than how good it is.

    The last glyph is honestly a toss up of personal preference and situations / comps you will be facing. I’ll just list glyphs that would be best choice overall for PvP. Glyph of blessed life. Glyph Protector of the innocent (which is what i used majority of the time). Glyph of Protection, and Glyph of of Devotion Aura. Honestly, it depends on what you like, who you are facing, and personal preference. These are all good glyphs to be used a 3rd choice. None of these glyph should replace the first two mandatory ones.
    Paladins are cooldown machines! So here we will talk about what cooldowns we have and what they offer!

    Cool Downs:
  • Hand of Freedom
  • - 25 second Cooldown, lasts 6 seconds. Used to grant immunity to movement impairing effects.This is great when paired with Speed of Light when trying to get away or trying to run in for a H(F)oj. This should be used over dispelling a root / nova on a melee target if they are snared. This can be used while CC’d with the exception of Cyclone. Can not be used while silenced.

  • Hand of Sacrifice
  • - 2 minute Cooldown, lasts 12 seconds . Used best right before getting CC, or when needed to help mitigate damage when the other team has high pressure. Can not be used while silenced.

  • Hand of Protection
  • - 5 Minute Cooldown, lasts 10 seconds. Used to prevent melee damage. Can be used to break Blind, or physical stuns. Can be used as a second trinket if last resort. Not recommended to use
    this before actually using your trinket as it leaves you wide open to be attacked due to the 1 minute debuff forbearance. Can not be used while silenced.

  • Hand of Salvation
  • - 2 minute Cooldown, lasts 10 seconds . Used mainly to use up Dark Sim, otherwise basically useless. Can not be used while stunned or silenced.

  • Holy Avenger
  • - 2 minute Cooldown, lasts 18 seconds. Used mainly for burst healing. When used with any spell that normally generate holy power, it grants 3 instead of 1. Can not be used while stunned or silenced.

  • Guardian of Ancient Kings
  • - 3 minute Cooldown, lasts 15 seconds. Heals the same target you just healed for 100% of that heal and grants 10 seconds. No longer goes away after 5 heals and lasts full duration. Can not be used while stunned or silenced.

  • Devotion Aura
  • - 3 minute Cooldown, lasts 6 seconds. Makes everyone immune (unless glyphed, then just you) to silence and interrupt effects. If silenced, it will remove it. If you were kicked / silenced during a cast, and activate this, this will not remove that silence / interrupt effect. Also reduces magic damage by 20%. Can not be used while stunned.

  • Avenging Wrath
  • - 3 minute Cooldown, lasts 20 seconds. Increases all healing and damage caused by 20%. No longer increase crit chance. Can not be used while stunned or silenced.

  • Divine Favor
  • - 3 minute Cooldown, last 20 seconds. Increase spell haste and spell critical strike by 20%. Can not be used while stunned or silenced.

  • Divine Shield
  • - 5 minute Cooldown, lasts 8 seconds. Grants diplomatic immunity to everything for 8 seconds, unless Chuck Norris is on his warrior or priest. Also reduces all damage by 50% for the duration of the spell. Can be used while stunned, but not silenced. Can not be used while in cyclone.

  • Divine Protection
  • - 1 minute Cooldown, last 10 seconds. Grants 40% spell damage reduction. 20% spell damage and melee reduction if glyphed. Can be used while stunned, but not silenced.

  • Divine Plea-
  • 2 minute cooldown, lasts 9 seconds. Grants mana equal to 135% spirit every 3 seconds. The amount of mana gained will never be less than 12%. Use this when you roughly hit 220ish~ mana. Make sure to LoS any dispellers so that you can regain mana and not lose this coolie right away. Can not be used while stunned or silenced.

    Crowd Control That we have!
    In the past, holy paladins were lacking CC compared to other healers. We always had Hammer of Justice, but now we have it all! We have:

  • Hammer of Justice
  • - 50 second Cooldown, lasts 6 seconds. Stuns the target. Does not break on damage. Melee range.

  • Fist of Justice
  • (Replaced hammer of Justice, T2 Talent) - 30 second Cooldown, lasts 6 seconds. Does not break on damage. 20 yard range.

  • Repentance
  • - 15 second Cooldown, lasts 8 seconds. Incapacitates the targets. Breaks on damage. 30 yard range.

  • Turn Evil
  • - 15 second Cooldown, last 8 seconds. Fears the target, causing them to flee just ‘cause. Has the chance to break on damage. 20 yard range.

  • Blinding Light
  • - 2 minute Cooldown, lasts 6 second. Blinds the target, causing them to run around looking at stars and stuff. Does not DR with Repent or H(F)oj. Does DR with fear.

    The CC we have can win games for us. It is important to always use our CC when we can, but to also remember not to overextend and open up and get stuck in CC's our-self. Paladins have become very strong this expansion with the CC that has been given to us, and it is crucial to take full advantage of what we have. Our utility, our entire (and over sized) arsenal is what defines us and makes us unique to other healers.
    Overall for play style, you want to prioritize beacon on the person who you will be healing the most. Always use holy shock on cooldown. It’s your strongest heal, most mana efficient and generate holy power. You want to also keep Eternal Flame on your main target up, too. Toss Eternal flames (doesn’t always have to be 3 charges of holy power) on yourself and off targets to heal for even more on the main target (if he is beaconed).

    If a target is beaconed, he will receive heals from 60 yards away, assuming he is in LoS of you if you heal your self, or LoS of who you heal. If he is not in LoS, he will not get the BoL heal. You want to station yourself near the pillars and to avoid going out in the middle as much as possible. Paladins are the easiest class to CC as far as healing goes. Use Hand of Sacrifice to break CC that can break on damage. Do not use hand of sacrifice “just ‘cause” because it’s just wasting it and asking for it to be dispelled.

    When using Cooldowns, only use one at a time, with the exception of Devotion Aura + Another coolie. Paladins are strong because of their burst healing and the massive amount of Coolies they have. You must make your cooldowns last and make sure they were worthwhile. Do not pop coolies to save your teammaate at the same time your teamate does (if they are defensive) because that is just wasteful unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    You want to save your dispels for CC only, for the most part. It is alright to dispel a melee from roots if freedom is not up, or your self. Roots can act as a form of CC if you are rooted / snared in an awkward situation, so don’t be afraid to never dispel roots.

    You never want to overextend to land a CC off. Never run into the open or to the opposite pillar to get a fear off or a hoj, this can cause large amount of pressure on your team.

    Paladins are usually stronger with melee comps, such as Dk/Warr/Hpally, or Warrior/hunter/hpally. Paladins are not just restricted to melee comps, but can also be completely viable with comps like Mage / Ele / Hpally.

    Hopefully in the future i can get some videos, or commentary and explain things that i may have not mentioned in here. But for now, this is what i can offer to the paladin community, and i hope you guys enjoy it!

    For macros, there isn't many that i use. I have a razer naga 2014 mouse, so i use those keys instead of using number keys. I use 1-5 for targeting party / raid members. 1 is me, 2 is "first party member", 3 is "2nd party member", and so on.

    The macros i do actually use are macros such as:
    /cast [@arena1] Rebuke

    /cast [target=focus,exists] Rebuke; Rebuke

    /cast [@arena1] Turn Evil

    /cast [target=focus,exists] Turn Evil; Turn Evil

    /cast [@party1] Hand of Freedom

    /cast Beacon of Light
    /console cameraDistanceMaxFactor 5

    /cast [@arena1] Hammer of Justice

    /cast [@party1] Hand of Protection

    For the macros using "arena", i have 3 of them. Arena1, Arena2, Arena3. i have 5 of these abilities on my bars. 3 for arena, one for what ever target, and one for focus. In arena, i hardly use the "non" arena macros because im usually targeting my party members, and there is a lot of "focus resetting" abilities out there.

    For macros using "party", i have 2 of them. Party1 and Party2. I have 3. One for who ever i target, and 2 for the arena party members.

    What my UI looks like

    Regards, Alphonce!
    Great work, you've improved a lot ! A+
    Thank you this really helps.
    Very good!
    Thanks guys! Hopefully this will help old and new paladins learn everything they need to know about holy.

    If you feel like anything is missing, or curious about, please say something so i can add it!
    Streaming right now RBGs!! come watch all the fun!!!

    wow !@#$tter
    Thanks for the bump gooby :) One day me and you can just do 2's for funzies, ok :)?
    I'm not a horrid holy paladin but I've never really cared much for pushing rating until me and my arena partner got an apartment together. He is a Frost DK and we have been having trouble getting above 1550 together in 2s, we figured its because the limited CC's we have between the two of us. I know there are things i haven't been doing and/or need to start doing differently. I just read this and ill apply the knowledge I've taken from this and let you know if our rating goes up :) thank you
    11/14/2013 12:08 PMPosted by Aveu
    I'm not a horrid holy paladin but I've never really cared much for pushing rating until me and my arena partner got an apartment together. He is a Frost DK and we have been having trouble getting above 1550 together in 2s, we figured its because the limited CC's we have between the two of us. I know there are things i haven't been doing and/or need to start doing differently. I just read this and ill apply the knowledge I've taken from this and let you know if our rating goes up :) thank you

    Hope it helps! Remember, though, Arena is a team effort. Just because you are a healer doesn't mean your dps friend can just stand where ever he wants. If he ever decides to go behind a pillar and you know it will force you into an awkward situation, yell at him! xD

    However, if you know you can avoid any CC / pressure on you, then apply all the pressure ! So don't be afraid to push in, but don't get stuck!
    Pretty sure enchant legs for spirit and intel is superior to the intel + crit leg enchant
    11/14/2013 02:11 PMPosted by Tríumphant
    Pretty sure enchant legs for spirit and intel is superior to the intel + crit leg enchant

    It depends, i suppose. I personally run the Crit > Mastery > Spirit build myself, so, for me, that enchant is best in slot.

    If you are running the spirit build over mastery, then i can see the intel + spirit being more favorable.
    So no love for in breakable spirit? I love that talent in random bgs and I'm the only healer.
    thank you!
    11/16/2013 04:57 AMPosted by Tríumphant
    So no love for in breakable spirit? I love that talent in random bgs and I'm the only healer.

    It may be useful for Regular Battlegrounds, but paladins have so much utility that can be used on party members, too. Because of that, clemency is far superior because you may not always be the target of the enemy team. Tossing out what you can as much as possible helps the team as a whole and should ultimately help you achieve your objective or goal.

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