Help: prot, AM and Paragons

Gonna tank Paragons on Flex soon and I need some guidance:

-Which ability(s) count toward active mitigation in negating Injection and Caustic Blood?
-Do these ability(s) need to be started before Injection and Caustic start? Does there need to be constant AM refreshing throughout these two bosses?

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
;/ you should prolly fix your gems, enchant your gear, trade out your glyphs before doing flex .. shoulders missing enchant..

Your ilvl is okay

But why all the exp/haste gems when you have a exp trinket ?? gem straight haste and fix your reforging !

11,9++ haste is terrible, i have nightmares about that much haste again :) ! ! why would you take dodge/parry gear over haste gear since you already know haste is the way to go ?

Are you using prot for pvp, cuz your glyphs do not make any sense.. except focused shield...

I use divine protection , alabaster shield, and focused shield for that fight...

^ my quick suggestions .. hope they helped some ...
Thank you for the tips.

Is SotR the only ability that can mitigate Injection and Caustic Blood in the Paragons fight?
As far as I know, SotR is the only ability that counts toward the AM mechanic. My guild usually burns him down first with me tanking him and I never have any issues. I'd probably go with holy avenger though, just to be sure that the stacks don't get too high.
Yes for us SotR is the only one that counts.... HA is really the way to go, because it allows you up to stack up SotR for literally as long as the dissector is up. (If he's up for longer than ~30s, you'll probably have some issues with ambers anyways).

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