Damn you blizzard...

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I don't understand...if he knows WHY they are doing it, and at no point does he say the reason is stupid....

This thread exists....why?
I think Blizzard is stuck in the rts mindset where the only number that people care about is their win total.
11/09/2013 06:04 PMPosted by Sänctuary
i don't want no smarty pants brat replying trying to tell me why they need to do it.

Because what are you going to do when you start hitting for 29345793475 dps in a fight and the guy next to you is hitting for 283457683458 dps? Does that even tell you anything? You could be bee-bopin' along, thinking you're up to par and never realize that you're doing about 1/10th the damage the other guy is doing. Do you think people in raids will tell you? They'll just kick you and not say a thing.

What "par" is for damage doesn't matter at all. The fact that numbers are illegible does matter.
so... many... numbers...

Actually, the only thing I do not like about this is that they aren't squishing the item level too, looks weird to see some piece of armor with 68 strength but an ilvl of 530 :P
Boffo now you can be called a idiot for not even understanding why i called them a idiot, nor did you read anything i said either, so yes, you are a arrogant idiot.

Fabermor mate, honestly, just be quiet. Your post's will no longer be read from here on simply because they are inconsiderately terrible.

Kestor, The game clearly can handle it, it's not like this game has super high crazy graphics like other games, it's just little numbers appearing and being calculated. Blizzard could if they wanted to. They wouldn't quit straight away, simply because they are part of teams etc, but it will become less enjoyable being a dps in a raid as the time goes by, tanking is the only thing that will remain enjoyable. Thus, when one becomes bored of something they stop playing it.
U do realize dps is not changing at all right? Blizzard quoted.
"None of the dps,healing, or bosses will change. They will die at the same rate as they always have" They are just scrunching down the numbers so there computers don't overheat.

you don't get it do you?

One of the biggest thrills for me, a dps, is seeing huge numbers when i go ham with all my cds.

I like going "Holy crap i just crit 700k !!"

And now they're going to make it like so;

"Holy crap i just critted 12k! Thats my new record!"
Stinkyfinger, if there is one thing i do not appreciate, it is exaggeration. So your reply is also idiotic and false. Jeeze... i rather you people just not reply and let blizzard read it and take it into mind, dealing with people as foolish as you's is a waste of my time. Thus, i will be replying to this thread no more, say what you fools wish to say, but if they are going to only be repeats of what you've already said but in different forms, you are just embarrassing yourselves.

To properly understand it from my point of view, which a majority of the people in this thread cannot, you have to very much enjoy dpsing, as a raider of course, doing progression and loving it. Someone who loves dpsing the most in the game while playing, those high numbers are just so enjoyable... less you are like that you will not understand and continue to think the way you do.
Can't say I am for or against Item Squish. Right now, it seems like a devaluing of the effort that we put into playing the game and paying for the servers. Might like it. Might unsubscribe. Seems like there are more important things to work on than satisfying Ghostcrawler's inability to handle big numbers.

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