Warlords of Draenor.

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I would first like to talk about character models...

New male human models should give some more facial options. Female eye's... They're horrifying right now. The feet of the characters, like I'd care... Look so bad right now. Orcs should NOT be hunched over, other than that, they look great right now. Female orcs need to just be as good at male orcs. Dwarves are actually pretty good... I saw female images, and the male images look fine. Forsaken should look more UNDEAD. I know about China and their bleeping out things...But the forsaken we have right now look like humans with ripped off skin and no muscle.The female, same with male. Night Elf, male, should at least be a little taller and look more realistic. (I know they're all gonna look more realistic.) Female Night Elf, maybe they're fine. Just change their /clap... Tauren male, saw the new one. It's fine. New tauren females should have bigger hooves. New gnomes will look nice. I saw new female gnomes already, change the facial expression...Male trolls are too hunched over. They need updated hands and should get updated tusks...Female trolls are fine right now in my opinion. Just my opinion. Male draenei and female should get a better tail... NOT look like a spacegoat... Female bloodelves, in my opinion, are fine. Male blood elves... Don't even get me started. Please. Worgens and Goblins are fine, just change the graphics around a little. Panda's, I don't care at all.

They should also add cloaks like SWTOR that cover your characters head, but if you have show helm on it pulls down. I don't want them to STEAL this idea, I think it'd be interesting.
I'm just glad that everyone is changing their underpants after all these years. We've all had the same underwear on since day one and only sort of washed it if we went to Vash'jir for a long time.
Personally, Blizzard is doing this because they love doing it (and money doesn't hurt) and I think it unwise to demand more from them or even talk about what more you want from the expansion, or they may feel pressured and give us a not-so-good xpac. It already looks like the best one since WotLK, and I'd say we should loosen up on we want or what more they should do. They already have a lot of new content and stuff they have worked hard on for us to enjoy, so be grateful.
So far my opinion on Pandaria and Warlords is thus.

Pandaria was the expansion that needed to happen.

From what I see of Warlords I feel like it will be the expak with the most player demands that have been around forever finally get dealt with. (Player Model update, Garrisons are even better than getting just a house imo.) Plus we get a Huge chunk of core lore fleshed out for the obsessed fanatics(sheepishly raises hand) who have been absorbing history novels since the Orcs first invaded the Humans.

I am quite excited.

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