Just starting arena as ret, starting in 2's then moving into 3's with more gear

I don't wanna look like a moron, I doubt most people would. I'm aware that Ret is strong with other melee, esp. WW, but what I'm worried about is the other team. What combo's/classes/abilities should I look out for specifically?

Also, off-topic but relevant slightly, I'm a broke !@# $%^-* and I don't want to end up having a grievous piece I can't gem/ench/reforge... I've got mining/BS, any cool money making tips?
Farming up ghost iron bars could be profitable depending on your server since it's a required mat for Sky Golem, making malevolent crafted set pieces and selling those, or making old pieces for mogging if your realm is really into it.
I'd say drop mining, pick it up on an alt, and level Eng, then make Blastington Scopes, then generally sell for about 5x more than the mats. Synapse springs works in arena, and an almost 2k controllable str buff, is always helpful. And if you're going to go into 3s, get a hunter. And Shaman. Get cdew.
Because this guy obviously knows.

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