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OK so try and stay with me here. This is all based on what Blizzard has said and done.

BC Beta: 4 Months (Outlands, 2 races, 1 class)
WotLK Beta: around 4-5 months (Northrend, 1 new class)
Cata Beta: 6 months(Old world remade, 2 new races, LFR, Ext)
MoP Beta: 7 Months ( 1 new race, 1 new starting area, Pandaria, new class)
WoD beta:? (Draenor, Item Squish, Garrisons, 90-100 questing, New models ext)

Blizzard has gone on to say they do not want MoP to last the same or more then what Cata lasted to MoP.

Now Cata released Nov 7th 2010, Mop released 22 months later on Sept 25th 2013.
If WoD releases after Feb-Mar 2014 like say Sept 2014 it will make WoD release 25 months after MoP, but if they do release Feb or march that would put us at 18-19 months of MoP.

So if beta starts this month which i think it will. we can get around 3-4 months of beta in before the release, with there not being a lot of content like the past Xpac's this could be possible.
Probably about 6 months from now.
I sure hope they release it sooner than they released MoP... mists is already getting very stale and I can see them losing a lot of subs if they wait another year to release WoD..

Actually I unsubbed like a week ago cause I've only been logging in to get my conq cap.

But I'm super excited for new expansion
Same super excited for expansion but im done with 5.4...got my monk to 90 enjoyed trying him out in raiding and pvp now waiting for next expansion to find a new guild :D (bit late to try to find one now for raiding)
I hope it not take more than 4 months, I'll fell burned out of the game if it takes longer
One of many current threads guessing the release date, one one of many, many, many more to come.

I can't see the hitting the 18 month mark, as much as they try. They were pretty hopeful for MoP, but 21 months didn't seem to me like a significant difference in the release cycle, 21 months vs 24 months average.

I would think the biggest possible item causing a delay is the new models, but I thought I ready that they may not all be ready by release. That sounds to me like they won't delay WoD just because they aren't all done.

I think they will get close to the 21 month mark again.

My guess is June 10th 2014

Also, the only Beta that was 3 months was TBC, and I think they thought it was not long enough to work out all the bugs. They may not have had much choice since they announce the release date before beta even started. I would guess beta will go at least 4 months this time, and longer if they skip F&F alpha like last time.
June would put us at the about the same length as Cata though and that is something they have expressed they do not want to do again.
When they think it's as close to ready as they can reasonable get it.

If they're sticking to the same basic time periods between new tier content they used this expansion, it would put it in April. From the hedging comments they were making the first day of Blizzcon, I expect October.
I know I am the minority in hoping that it doesn't come out for at least 6 months or so.

I feel like Im at the point where I do not have to do something every second for advancement now and have time to work on all those things I wanted to do but never seem to have time to do.

Example: Like doing archeology for a couple weeks straight or pet battle achives.... tons of scenario stuff and finally finally starting to learn pvp better.... not to mention some other long grinds.

If WoD was to come out sooner than later I would be pushing all that back and working on leveling, exploring, and the million and a half new features that come out with a new xpak that are exciting. =)
October would be putting it at a Year of SoO they are not going to do that again.
June would put us at the about the same length as Cata though and that is something they have expressed they do not want to do again.

I think it will happen if they want it or not. This is probably an important expansion to try to bring back some of the lost subs. A couple months delay to polish it may be better then rushing it in an attempt to reduce a couple months of sub loses, most of which will resubscribe once the expansion lands.

I was more optimistic about MoP, and it came later then I predicted. I think March is just to optimistic in this case It would mean beta launches no later then the end of this month, and is shorter then the average beta.

October would be putting it at a Year of SoO they are not going to do that again.

Ya, October does not seem likely. I will be expecting to read some November and December predictions in future threads.
Oh boy. This thread again!
Probably about 6 months from now.
Oh boy. This thread again!

There will be many more like this one until they make it official.
is this the last expansion?
Late Spring/Early Summer. May if I had to put a date on it.
is this the last expansion?
Not if this is a success. We've still got Sargeras and probably the emerald dream/lady azshara to consider, both of which will likely take up an entire expansion of their own
BC Beta: 4 Months (Outlands, 2 races, 1 class)

(Outlands, 2 races, 1 class)

1 class

Excuse me, what?
Excuse me, what?

I think he means that each side got a class they didn't have before. (paladins/shaman)
Aug 19th.

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