Port Pally Questions. Help me if you can.

So i am making this post to have a few questions that I've had for a few patches now hopefully get answered. I am not a amazing top 100 paladin or anything crazy but I like to think I am a decent raider. These questions outside of #3 have been had me wondering for a while and I am not sure where to look to find a real answer.

If you can give me a answer to any or all of these or send me to a place where some of these have been answered it would be greatly appreciated.

First off, I am at ~ 43% haste un-buffed now, when do i want to stop? And why do i want to stop there?

Second ,once i get to said cap do i want to start stacking mastery or stamina?

Third, is the t-16 2 piece worth going for or should i be more worried about getting haste / mastery pieces? ( I found I can get every piece except for the chest heroic/ warforged with haste and mastery ,and I can get the heroic immerseus crit/ haste chest and just ignore my tier all together.) But would that be better than having my 2 piece?

Once again any of these questions you have input on is appreciated.
11/12/2013 11:07 PMPosted by Vendictivé
First off, I am at ~ 43% haste un-buffed now, when do i want to stop? And why do i want to stop there?

There is no haste raid buff that benefits Prot for the reasons we stack haste. The cap is at 50%, which is when the global reaches a flat 1s.

Only one I can really speak to, as I'm familiar with haste-theory due to Ret; others I'm not sure on. Mastery vs. stam could go either way, depending on preferences and content, and I have no clue as to the approximate value of set bonuses in relation to theoretically better itemized off-sets - though tier gloves and chest, I think, both have haste on them, if that helps any.
"Try" getting the 4 set bonus if u can. It is really good paired with EF. Most people go with the garrosh offtier pants or the ordos warforged ones. Since tier pants are ugly.
Yeah, Prot set bonuses are actually worth going for this tier. The 2p is ok, not stellar but not bad, and the 4p is just amazing.

Grog hit the nail on the haste "cap", 50% and the gcd bottoms out. There are a few directions you could go after that: Stam is probably technically better, though you'd only really be able to do that through gems since you can't reforge for stam, so your options would be limited. Mastery would be the "easier" choice in that regard. You could also choose to go crit for extra dps if you wanted.

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