RiP PvP 2004-2013 - Trial of Gladiator (WoD)

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That's what i am hoping, you seem very confident, arrogant even

Probably because he watched the stream where Blizzard said exactly that. Trial isn't meant to REPLACE arenas.

You still will be able to queue, earn conquest, increase your caps and buy gear just like you were before (including cosmetic rewards like elite sets and stuff like gladiator meta gems / enchants) at any time, with anyone.

The only thing Trial of the Gladiator is for, is TITLES and MOUNTS (aka the more permanent, prestigious rewards). That much was pretty clear to me, but I guess they could communicate that better.

So the players who are 2.2k and would never get glad anyway (due to wintraders and the cutoff being extremely high), have nothing to complain about, because they will still have everything they did before.

The wintraders are essentially removed from getting Glad, because you can't wintrade if you're forced to queue at peak hours. The titles will finally go for those who deserve it, meaning the ones who put time and more importantly dedication to the competitive aspect of the game.

I see that as a good thing, but I'm just a random scrub so whatever.
Lokthen, i watched the blizzcon pvp feature thing, where they talked about it, unless you've seen something else, i don't know where you're getting these certain details, the example you gave is a perfect scenario for me, other than the peak hours, it will harm the majority of competing players.

just because some skilled players take time off work and school to farm arena rating doesn't mean the rest of them do.

TotG could very well be empty

wintraders in the arena ladder didn't seem like much of a problem either. it's more of an RBG problem, i haven't really noticed any wintraders getting titles they dont deserve

Anyway, blizzard wasn't clear on this feature at all, other than saying peak times, and acting like a tournament realm.

they said nothing about it being an addition and not replacing the ladder, we've got lots of people calling the new games skirmishes, with totg replacing arena was we know it

so where do you get your certainty? did you see something that i didn't? or is it just wishful thinking and making assumptions?
PvP died a long time ago and so did this game when they released MoP the worst expansion to any game ever. I mean we have pandas now. That in itself is pretty bad.


-Arenas are like 2s, only conquest gear that only serve for "skirmish arena" and world pvp island (not the rest of draenor cuz pve gear only scales down on pvp island n arenas/rbgs

-If you're a r1/glad/duelist streamer, you're about to lose most of your subscriptions as you can only compete during PEAK times for 4 hours long. EXACTLY when all the ones who care are playing so most people will unsub from your twitch and watch your recorded past games IF YOU'RE HOPEFUL they might still donate here and there.

What this means for you:

The top skilled players will go to other games to earn an income while playing games.

In case you didn't know lets take sodapoppin for an example, he earns 10k a month in subscription. If every1 wants to watch him play games but at the same time they can only play during peak times themselves, subs will drop dramatically. So will donations.

You are also cutting his hours of work from 10-12 hours of streaming down to a max of 4. Cutting earnings, not to mention his possible stream times are 100% on your only possible COMPETING time. Think about it, you got 3 days a week to gain rating, are you gonna watch live streams of him playing cuz he's funny?


We all know most wow players want to play ranked matches because it's what matters, the new arena system transformed it in a skirmish version of its former self. PvP gear being best in only one world pvp zone where there's no prestige rewards is not enough when you give them a no gear but ranked option on certain days of the week (ToG).

PvP gear becomes useless, people will either unsub cuz why sub 15$ a month and be able to play 2-3 days a week if you can even coordinate a 3 player team perfectly. PvE players don't have to compete for server/world first on a 2-3 day a week preplaced schedule.
11/14/2013 10:14 AMPosted by Maximùs
so where do you get your certainty?

I was at Blizzcon sitting there so I watched it live. Who knows, maybe some details were missing from streams? I'll see if I can find a "link" source that is more trustworthy than my word, but at no point I got the impression that Trials were meant to entirely replace the current arena system.

EDIT: Found it!

So here it goes, he starts talking about Trial of the Gladiator at the 1 hour, 27 minutes mark

at the 1 hour, 29 minutes mark roughly, he explains very clearly that you will still earn conquest and honor normally like you do today and work towards your gear set, but prestige rewards like titles and mounts would be given through the new Trial of the Gladiator system.

Seems pretty legit to me.
Why is everybody so excited about stopping wintraders?
I guess I'll save a little bit of money a month. I'm not paying for an online game with fairly restrictive windows when I can play.
Why is everybody so excited about stopping wintraders?

Its like a Virus.. Oh snap Pun intended
The problem is that high end streamers maintain pvp alive, they make it with the worse comps possible sometimes and they motivate the low end rating players to get better and keep competing whilst making money.

Make them work 2 days a week when everyone's competing and it'll evaporate. And since they do play wow for a living... and just look at sodapoppin he bought a ferrari 2 weeks ago. Make his streams of revenue go from 7 days a week down to 2x 4 hours when every1 who wishes to compete can't watch them live aka why sub to his channel if u can only watch recorded games?

If people lose interest in watching these players, not only will the skill level go down by not being able to learn from these players, but they might go to another game lowering the skill required to get glad. And we are human, we strive to get better. Once we see people who actually made it to the top and make a living out of playing a video game go to other games...

WoW PvP will lose serious amounts of subscribers... I need to remind blizzard that although we are only 30% of your subscription populace... Do you really want a 5%->30% cut on your paychecks... Because this change will realistically hurt you by a minimum of 5% sub loss if this goes live and up to a total loss in pvp subscription.
Right now I love TotG...but i know 1 day into it I will loathe the system. haha
bump for importance
Remember when blizzard removed skirmishes and replaced it by War Games and said it was a good idea/better than the previous feature? Blizzard monkeys who delevop this game are just failing hard again

Blizzard FINALLY did something to try to counter win trading. You guys should be happy as hell because you will be losing less gladiator and duelist spots to players cheating.

In exchange for less overall spots if they continue to used a percentage based ladder system for distribution as the amount of players who'll be on the ladder will be gutted?

Can we just go to a live distribution like Challenge Mode titles already with the same freakin' ladder we've had for years?

Who the hell presented this idea and why the hell did it get through that PvP summit?
Why is everybody so excited about stopping wintraders?

People generally have this sense of justice and don't like it when people cheat to get something they don't deserve.
11/14/2013 03:56 PMPosted by Misbelief
Why is everybody so excited about stopping wintraders?

People generally have this sense of justice and don't like it when people cheat to get something they don't deserve.

Even if that involves burning the entire forest down to catch a bandit!

Well that makes sense right?...

In exchange for less overall spots if they continue to used a percentage based ladder system for distribution as the amount of players who'll be on the ladder will be gutted?

I completely forgot about this too. What casual in their right mind would spend all that gold gearing/enchanting/upgrading (I think they're bringing this back -_-) only to play for what a couple of hours a week? Even at that...seeing as they are casuals.

I'm pretty sure that the casuals in this game make up a significant proportion of the ladder....and doing this would just tear the participation of arenas into shreds.
I am a fairly low ranked PvP. I really dislike this TofG idea. I realize I will most likely never see a glad title. I am ok with this. But the potential to maybe one day do it is there. There would be no point in doing any other arena format other than TofG either. To have a time constraint is just ridiculous. Like so many other poster above me have stated. I enjoy being able to play when I have the time and I can be all over the place. From 12am, 8am, 6pm. It's not always set. But when I do play I like to know my time is going somewhere.
it might not replace arenas but it will replace the titles and rewards nromal arenas give, and the fact u can only raise ur rating for a couple hours a week is wrong, i live in florida, my friends that i arena with are 3 to 4 hour difference than me, if this was to go thru i wuld have to quit, i wuldnt be able to raise in the trial rating but only in norms, so...yah this needs to be deleted and dropped, especialy since so many poeple agree this new trial of blah blah blah is going to ruin rated pvp.
You guys are actually retarded once again i'm saying this, normal arena's will go ahead as usual ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
but the rewards may change

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