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12/16/2013 12:15 PMPosted by Evry
make each persons chance for loot to drop increase by 0.5% for every player in the raid over 10. The incentive would then be to hold out for a full 25 people.

Aren't they already considering this? Or at the very least Warforged/gem/tertiary drops increasing proportional to raid size?

I do not know. I haven't heard that but that doesn't mean they didn't announce something like this.

If they did claim something similar i would take it with a huge grain of salt. Why? Because the reality is this problem has existed for years now. And in the years they had to come up with incentives and perks all they managed to come up with was those stupid satchels.
Why do 550+ ilvl people que for flex anyways, are you that bored? Stop taking spots of people that need it. Disgusting example of the selfishness that is the WoW player base.

I'm 560 and I still need loot from flex.
New hotfix is in. Breakpoints are gone.

They still need to go on a massive in-game/in-forum ad campaign if they expect anyone to notice or even believe know, considering the 14 number is based off superstition already its not likely everyone who believes it will change their tone very easily.
I agree with you Lifenite. Unfortunately, the loot piñata increase you are discussing will never occur in Flex mode because the developers are too lazy to implement some extra lines of code for it. Another thing I would like to see is the loot to scale from say 540 to 552 when you go from 13 to 25 flex players in a group. That would be some incentive to bring more people as well. Also, it would help normal raiders get almost identical gear that they find in normal mode that they may be missing (or need) to down the last wing of normal mode (such is the case for my raid group) in order to move on to heroic mode. The RNG gods have not been favorable to me in regards to a new necklace, so I still run flex mode Juggernaut and Malkorok for a chance at it and use a token on normal mode Malkorok each week to no avail.
Just a thought but since you're consistently missing some of the lower pop realms for merger instead of tooling with flex constantly how about making it so you can cross realm Normal and Heroic Seige like you can with every other raid in the game? As things stand I got about 6 guildies that wanna raid and about 4 B net friends that get on great with everyone of those six. We don't want to do flex we want to do normal 10 and for going on since September that's been a pipe dream.
New hotfix is in. Breakpoints are gone.

Breakpoints still exist, they're just the low end now, 10 is a breakpoint, 15 is a breakpoint, bring 16, chances of an extra mechanic, more planning than it's worth, flex is easy enough that nobody seriously cares, but their design idea to remove breakpoints isn't going to happen as long as the player count affects anything beyond linear health scales, and this is only a problem, because they're making normal mode flex next.
12/14/2013 07:29 PMPosted by Evry
Don't we all just wish that everyone who is hired for a job

Was going to comment on your bad analogy...

but then:
12/14/2013 01:35 PMPosted by Aelka
Since flex raids seem to be far easier than full raids and full raids only require 460 ilvel gear, then as far as I can see;' THERE IS NO REASON TO OMIT ANY LVL 90 with a I LEVEL ABOVE 460 period.

Lol what was going to be your comment! Perhaps you were going to say that people aren't hired that don't know the job!

Laughs well guess what the reality is! They are and it's done everyday. I've seen people taken off the streets by companies I've worked for, that have no idea how to do the work or the job that we do. Not only that! They have even gone as far as have paid them more to start than the people that have 10 years in and knowledge of the job.

Why did this particular company do this! They were struggling financially and the government had an incentive program in place, that if they would hire unskilled minority people into the company, then the government would subsidize the company. This in turn would ease the pressure on the companies financial problems a little.

No my comment stands. People don't inherently just know anything except how to suckle. Everything else is learned.

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