Can u fix shadow for the love of god

Can you fix shadow for the love of god or nerf warriors so they can be good again. This is pathetic how useless an entire class can be because not only is shadow weak but so is disc and holy. Never as there been an entire class absolutely useless in arena. Fix your game blizzard at this point might as well delete priests in arena terms.
fighting warriors on live is one of the hardest things in the game. getting a victory is so rare not only in 5s, but 3s .

it makes you wonder when you face a team with 2 and you have 2 warriors on your team, who will have the better bladestorm?
Blizz doesn't love us. Only mages and locks.
shadow really needs to be able to use its lvl 87 ability in arena
That, and then some.
Don't forget Warlocks spent their time in the shadows for so long it wasn't even funny. They were practically unplayable for many.

For maybe one patch Shadow isn't AS viable. Maybe it's not fair (or right), but it certainly isn't the end of the world.

If anything, Warriors need a retuning. They destroy everybody. Period.

EDIT-Enhancement Shaman have a case too....
I feel shadow is fine in 3s/bg's

It's just rough playing it in 2s, but no one cares about 2s
I have a SP, Frost Mage, and this Warlock. You see what I main in 5.4. :D

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