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In the greatest movie ever to be made--The Goonies--Mouth is translating from the treasure map and says, "Ye intruders beware! Crushing death and grief, soaked with blood . . . of the trespassing thief."

That doesn't really have much to do with this week's pet feature--well, maybe it does. I mean there's death in there. No matter, I just wanted a chance to quote from one of my most favorite movies of all time.

Needless to say, BlizzCon weekend appears to have softened you tamers up a bit. Well, at least according to Payne. So now he's wanting you to get back into shape as you head down to the Caverns of Time to find the Infinite Whelpling. Got one? Cool! How's the dragonkin hold up in Pet Battles? Don't got one? What are you waiting for?!
Oh man, I love this pet so much. With luck, I can easily solo the first 2 pets in the Darkmoon Faire tamer with Tail Sweep, Healing Flame, and Early Advantage. Extremely useful pet!
I love my Infinite Welpling. I personally use a P/P breed. I use it every day for Bloodknight Antari in Shadowmoon Valley and against magical pets in general. I destroy magical pets with Tail Sweep, use Healing Flame if my pet gets too low on health, and then get at least one big hit off on the next pet with Early Advantage. It's a nice looking dragon too.
HAHA! I loved that movie! "Mouth: *sees Chunk* Jerk alert ^-^" (my friend who doesn't play wow spotted that typo. I nod a thanks to her! <3 ]
He's quite useful for the DMF daily. I've been thinking of working him in for that evil Goldbloom tamer.
Now if only he would fly with me..
I think there's a bug with Early Advantage right?

Anyhow, cool looking pet, good for the darkmoon daily. With there were more speedy dragons and Tail Sweep wasn't on most of them.

Needless to say, BlizzCon weekend appears to have softened you tamers up a bit.....

My trusty time-destroying lizard saw me through the vast majority of the trainer quests. I think I only benched him for a few of the Beasts of Fable.

The only way you could convince me to give him up, is if I could raise him as a mount (btw, if you want a massive cash influx, sell an Infinite Drake on the pet store; I'll even take a simple reskin!).
When the Major says jump, I let out a little shriek and start obeying his orders...but this time I gots one already so I'll sit back down.

<-- the word pudgy is nowhere in a description of a BE. (except her fathead)

I wasn't drinking all Blizzcon weekend, I was out hunting not just one, but two S/S nord wisps. Now I have to beat up trainers-with-bags for a rare magic stone. So Much Busy!
Awesome pet. Totally worth having for battle purposes. It can really mess with an opponent.
Sleeping Gas is pretty broken right now.

Problem is, since it breaks on damage(unlike say Frog Kiss), the 2-turn CC immunity doesn't kick in if you cast it on a target that was put to sleep by it before the sleep wears off on its own. So if you keep casting Sleeping Gas on the target, sometimes you can have the target perpetually sleeped for 2+ turns, or ensure future sleeps in the immediate future because the CC immunity didn't activate when it faded.

It doesn't help matters when the Infinite Whelpling turns into a team sweeper if you allow Sleeping Gas to max out. If you're fighting against one and get a multi-turn sleep, your team is probably done without some way to speed it to death.
What I caught, I caught without choice ... in the name of peace and sanity.

( you're spotlightling a time-dwelling whelp a week away from the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and you went with a *Goonies* reference? :) )
They're really incredible if you heal up before your finishing Tail Sweep, gaining a dragon-boosted Early Advantage on your next opponent.
Baby dragons are so cute! <3

...Did I say that out loud?
In the greatest movie ever to be made--The Goonies

can I get one free
I hated goonies. I wanted to punch that fat kid so much.
This guy's move set is amazing. Super slow, but his abilities reward you for it.

Pro Tip with early advantage: if the first hit brings you opponent's health below yours, you won't get the bonus damage. That's a little different than what the tooltip implies.
P/P Infinite Whelpling is definitely my dragon of choice, usually always a part of my 2v3 team to do the MoP trainers :~)

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