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If you're having problems with the new drivers build, roll back to a driver build that isn't causing a crash. Make sure you perform a clean installation.
Roll back to a different driver, i had to do the same thing and it solved my problems.
I had that issue before but it only happened when i updated the geforce expierence along with the driver. This time around I left the geforce expierence alone and only updated the driver and everything runs fine
I've been having crashes for the last 3 months with all the damn drivers nvidia has pulled off their sleeve. R331.65 worked fine for a week, then it's also crashing all the time.
I have been having issues with the Nvidia driver for 6 months while a buddy of mine hasn't for awhile now. Turns out the only real differences between our systems is I'm running Windows 7 and he 8 so the fixes and updates work for him while my situation doesn't. If I update my drivers I crash more than a few times every day, sometimes every 5 minutes. With the old drivers from like 2011 the driver crashes on rare occasions. It's certainly better but I'm just awaiting the day that I get locked out of playing because Nvidia appears very lax about fixing things that are "old". =/
The problem with the rollback workaround is that this may make other games (for which you may have upgraded your video drivers to relieve issues) return to having issues again. I seem to be having strange issues now with the older drivers running Total War: Rome 2 for instance, which is a recently released game and thanks to that game's troubled launch the developer (CA) has patched its graphics engine frequently as they scramble to update the game in the face of rampant graphics problems. Of course, to make THEIR game work right they want us to use the latest drivers... and so it goes.

It's ultimately an NVidia problem, as in my own efforts to investigate my own problems I've noticed there are LOTS of issues about this on the Internet, for lots of different games. But, Blizzard, if there's anything you can do, thanks in advance! :)

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