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I believe that the way they handle mail limitations while upgrading from starter should be changed. I know a lot of limitations are in place for illegitimate players, such as gold sellers, and while I agree with most of them, I believe that mail is handled very poorly and lazily.

Instead of the current way of dealing with it, they should allow you to receive mail with items (BoA and regular items) but not gold. This way gold sellers will still be impaired and can't use it as a method to sell or traffic gold, but it does not impede on legitimate players who would like to RaF with BoA.

I know that this likely won't be changed as it's not a pressing matter, but I wanted to outlet as I'm currently going through the frustrating process of waiting (as we just want to get to leveling), and wanted to see what other people think of the matter.
Well, that could mean you could receive very, very expensive items that are easily turned into gold. Which is one of the ways they launder gold in the game in the first place.

There are reasons for the restrictions. Most of those revolve around the fact that people buy gold. If people stopped being too lazy to play a video game, we wouldn't need things of this nature.
Turned into gold in what fashion? They will still be unable to use the auction house, trade, guild bank, and everything else until they're verified.

The only way I can think of is the mysterious fortune cards that sell for a lot (5k one for example). If you leave the restriction on sending out mail, then they would have effectively sent money to an account that can't do anything with it except get vendor items; of course, until they're verified, then they can do whatever they want with it.

The only change I'm really proposing is being able to receive items or BoA, so that you don't have to potentially wait 72 (generally 24 hours is what I've experienced) to be able to use your BoA to level with a friend. I agree with every other restriction they have set and understand their reasons behind them.
The wider issue with this is I doubt it could be applied simply to a select process i.e. Starter upgrades. It would most likely need to be applied across the board and this creates a whole host of other issues.

Take players with many alts (altoholics).

By preventing gold being sent via mail it creates a very difficult and painstaking problem.

U already have to start from level 1 (DKs excluded) and go 90 levels for each toon - not to mention gearing - add the fact the toon would be broke from the start and its just getting out of hand.

Imagine having each new toon needing to earn 10,000g (approx I can't remember the total amounts could be higher) in order to get full flight. Nightmare.

How come you doubt that it would be able to be used for a specific instance? It's already being used in that way -- if you don't return as a verified standard account when it checks then it prevents you from receiving your mail, even though it's there.

The only difference is that instead of restricting all mail access it will restrict mail access that has gold in it. They would have to have it check each mail that's received by the player, and if it returns that it has gold, they will be denied access to it until they're verified (just like now, but tweaked).

Just to clarify, I am talking about the current limitations that are on an account during the verification period from upgrading to a Standard Account from a Trial Account. I understand that they won't be changing this portion of the game though, it's a quality of life change and not a necessity. I mainly just wanted a discussion on it.

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