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Bug Report
I am not particularly sure how it happened, but! in a WSG Match ~ Having just killed a Rogue in a 2v1 scenario (Resto shaman healing me from the upper level) I encountered a monk that took me from Full Health to Dead instantly. The killing blow being "Touch of Death" dealing over 550k damage with no other damage being dealt between being over healed by Victory rush and Dying.


I understand there is a (4) set bonus for Monks to use Touch of Death in PVP but to my knowledge it requires the target to be at 10% health or Lower - Not 100%

- Please look into this, as it happened more than once that round; So clearly someone knows something that they shouldn't be able to do.
Looks like lag, if you are dead, how are you getting hit right after by the Rushing jade wind ?
~ Screen shot was taken after I ran back and attempted to recover the flag for the team- The monk wasn't swift enough to pick up the flag after my immediate death (My Shaman healbot snatched it) and had to fight me again without a touch of death CD to which he died. Once the flag was in my possession again I looked at my combat log and scrolled back to the death - I assure you it wasn't lag.
The combat log is missing Timestamps, and could really do with a few more lines, here is my explanation. Short version is lag.

Execute mechanics in this game - each and every one of them, are subject to a few seconds of lag. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to execute someone in their proper range, but the ability takes a second or two to even acknowledge it can be used, and by that point it is too late, and I've also been able to use things late since the responsiveness is also delayed for deactivating it.

Since Rushing Jade Wind is a passive effect over a set duration, that ability itself was not consuming a GCD. I'm willing to bet that above the first line in the Combat Log, you would find a huge chunk of heals that put you way back up toward 100% (your Victory Rush use also implies this, why would you use it at such high health?) that happened after something else happened to bring you low enough. Simply due to how executes function, it's possible he already had the ability queued up to go before the server could tell the client to stop.

I hate that set bonus only because of how executes work, it's frustrating to play with when you have that delay where they healed up too quick to use it, even though your GCD was free, and it's frustrating to play against when the opposite happens.

On the other hand, you might have Intervened someone who was the victim of ToD. Unless they fixed it, Intervene will eat the Touch of Death that would have gone on your ally.

EDIT: I can't even recall if ToD is on the GCD, it's been a while. Still, if it isn't, that only further gives the monk more chance to get it off.
- No one to Intervene to; Like I said my heal bot was on the top level of the Flag room ~ So I scratched that from the possibility - The Victory Rush was soon to expire ~ No sense letting a it go to waste.

I'll agree without the time stamps its really hard to say the timing of the abilities - But I can factor out lag ~ With a Killer Network Card and a 40MB/s - 4-8 MB/s Upload connection. I'm Usually sitting around 30 ms Home / 60 ms world - So I've ruled out that.

Only thing to note is I did drop my Skull Banner - All the same. It happened several times in the BG outside of the 1 screen cap (Not just to me.)
The Intervene buff that redirects attacks lasts a fairly long time. Ruling it out as a possibility is kind of silly, considering it's not that uncommon for Warriors to die to exactly this. I would not be surprised at all if that's what you died to.
Nothing to Intervene to - Its what I've said quite a few times now. ~ But like previously stated It happened to other members of my team.

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