Old Question: Best Warrior Animations

I posted this on the "old boards" as well, but figured I would post it here too to see if I can get some feedback.

I have come back to the game after about 2 years away and am looking to roll another warrior. Race and gender isn't so important. What I am looking for is good animations for the eye candy. If I am going to be looking at the same animations thousands of times, I want them to pop.

So give me your ideas about what race/gender you think have the best warrior animations. And if you could, kind of describe what the animation looks like (briefly of course, unless you want to go in depth about how awesome it is).

Thanks, everyone.
Orcs just look powerful when they attack. No silly flips or spins.

You can see all the animations in Armory I believe.
Female belf.
The animations are going to vary depending on your spec too. Each tree will give you different abilities with their own animations. Do you have a preferred build?
Where in the armory are the animations?

And my preferred build is protection with one hander and shield, but I am tinkering with the idea of starting out either arms or fury. No real preference between either of them yet, though.
Your definition of "pop" matters. I think female undead has the most dramatic, but overly dramatic in my opinion. Either race of elf has some nice ones but if I had to choose I would actually say female tauren. No eyerolling acrobatics but still that spinning attack with specials.
Orcs have the most badass combat animations....especially with a two-hander. They just look brutal. Duel-wielding looks pretty cool too.
Where in the armory are the animations?

Hover over the 3D model on Armory (not the profiles here). There will be buttons at the bottom that allow you to scroll through animations and play them.
The Tauren male is the biggest and baddest looking Protection warrior IMO. Love the shield slam animation.
Female Night elf is pretty unique, weird kinda upward slash and they look like they hold the weapons in a trained style :P
Male Orc DW animations are pretty nice.

I like the Tauren 2h animations for both male and female.

Not a fan of the undead animations in general.

Female Drenaei animations are good.

BE 2h animations are solid for both male and female.

Female troll animations are good as well, though I only like the 2h animations for male.

Strangely I think the best animations are staff animations for Female BE's and male Dreanai. Too bad stalves are teh suck for warriors (with the notable exception of Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator :D).
My favorite dual wielding animation is female night elf.

For everything else, male taurens are my favorite.
Female undead have a pretty awesome dualwield animation, mostly because of the flip they do.

Orcs and tauren both have great Prot and two-hander animations.

And I've always enjoyed the gnome animations, simply because every special ability causes them to go airborne. That, and they look like they're gonna fall over just from momentum after a Shield Slam.

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