[H] <Latency Ten> 11/12HM Weekend Raiding LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Latency Ten> is a newly formed 10 man Guild looking to solidify our raiding roster before the impending cataclysm!

Most of us have been playing WoW since Vanilla in competitive raiding guilds (in some cases achieving server firsts), and have decided to form a semi-serious guild for the upcoming expansion.

Although we will not be pushing for high end progression, we expect to do well given our meagre raiding schedule. Which is:

Saturday + Sunday 8pm-12am. AEST.

What we expect from you:
- Almost 100% raid attendance.
- A deep understanding of your class.
- A working headset and microphone.
- A good internet connection.

What you can expect from us:
- Years of raiding experience, dating back to Vanilla.
- An organised raiding envrionment.
- Skilled players.

Classes/roles currently in need:
1x Tank (Druid/Paladin)
1x Healer
2x DPS (Mage/Druid/Shaman/Paladin/Priest)

Please head to our forums if you think you have what it takes!

For any further queries or questions please feel free to contact "Andaru" or "Damaz" in game.

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