Illidari Council's heal not interruptible

Bug Report
It seems that Lady Malande's Circle of Healing, which would normally have a 2.5 sec cast time, is instant cast currently (4.0.3). Makes it a bit hard to interrupt!
I've been farming Black Temple with a group of about 10-15 lvl 80s for the past few months and have noticed a large amount of passive healing going on during the fight. Had it not been for our high DPS and out leveling the instance, the fight would have been impossible. We did have interrupts on the Circle of Healing, so these heals were coming from an outside source, possibly from the four bosses trying to balance their HP pools to the same amount, but it should not be increasing 5% HP every few seconds. I haven't gone since 4.0.3, so i don't know about the cast time of Circle of Healing, but i do know the healing during that fight has been abnormal for a while.
What was observed was that after some initial damage, all the health bars started going up beyond our dps (and we had 10 80's in the group last night). By what you're saying Typh, maybe it's not the Circle of Healing spell specifically, but a bug in the shared-health equalizing mechanic.

Still, as it looks right now, it seems unbeatable.

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