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And what of the players who thought the exact same thing because they could not EVER win a WG and run VoA? Their sentiment just isn't as valid as yours I guess.

I never said that those in an underpopulated faction didn't have a valid concern. Don't put words in my mouth.

At least under the old system, the majority of players who wanted to participate could. It certainly was not a perfect system, especially for those in the underpopulated faction, but at least people got to play. And on my server, at least, Alliance still won sometimes, so they weren't completely shut out of VOA.

Under this new system, the majority of Horde on my server who want to play will no longer be able to. THIS IS BAD DESIGN. In trying to solve one problem, Blizzard has created a new, probably bigger one.

And as I said, Blizzard better not expect me to spend money to work around a problem that they have created. And further, if they don't do something to solve the problem themselves, they should not be surprised when people like me get fed up and quit the game.
yet again that's a failure on the side of your faction. you can't sit there and tell me that it was because your server was imbalanced, your server has enough of level players to be in that zone during that match. that's all on you and your faction. want to win and do voa, gather up your people and go get it. it's a world pvp zone, a world zone should have zero restrictions to the amount of people being able to be there. halaa wasn't restricted and for anyone doing a FTH or a FTA raid you weren't ported out of the city because there wasn't enough of the opposing faction in that city?

make it into an instance and enforce "fair and balanced" play. otherwise leave well enough alone and let the other side figure out how to win in a world pvp zone

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Actually it is an instance now whenever the battle is going on. It's only a world PVP zone when there is no battle going on. Essentially it's like an old vanilla BG that is limited to server-only players.

Really it was only a world PVP zone back in the days of the initial release of WOTLK, when anyone could enter the zone and participate.

but now if you really see to your opposing dominated faction really cry and shed many many tears. let them win wg. then as soon as the battle ends..flood the vault room. kill everything that appears as a red name. deny them the ability to do voa after "winning" wg..that's when the real tears start to fall

Do you really like PvPing when it's not a challenge at all? or when you have absolutely no chance of winning? Because that's what it's like on a lot of servers. It has to be addressed or the lopsidedness is just going to get worse. PvPers will transfer factions or servers to be on the winning side, and the PvP zones will just be, like they already have been on many servers, easy faceroll with big rewards, or no chance of winning with almost no rewards. That's not PvP. This "you guys should do this" or "they oughta do that" is meaningless, because the last few months has shown that that isn't going to happen, and that the imbalance will continue and worsen if it's not addressed.

I take someone with me, I love fighting and then getting charged by 7 or 8 ally and killing one while being piled. It proves to them I'm better, and I still killed you even being piled by 8 of you.
Why are you guys fighting this it is fair for all the bonus you get for having the area. I understand that some people get left out but you are not getting left out of the extra exp and raids. Right now the low end factions are losing out on everything which is unfair for alot more people.
I don't mind the balancing, I don't mind it being that you actually have to fight to win. I just don't like that I probably will never be able to play a game because the system only chooses 5 people randomly from the queue.

Why not make it an actual queue system? Why does someone who just joined the queue get priority for me, even if I queued up 15 minutes before battle? I think it would be better if the system actually was a queue, and you didn't lose your spot once the battle was over. Why not let the queue continue even after the battle is over?

I think I would prefer Tol Barad being an actual battleground that you can do once every 2.5 hours, and when you win, you get a "buff" that flags you to be able to do the dailies. I want to be able to earn access to these dailies, not depend on 5 random people from the server to win it for me because I never get the chance to actually play.

Also, I think this system actually benefits the lower population. It will be much easier for them to make premades to dominate the zone. If you are getting a 5v5 on the server, the side with the lower population can most likely bring in any number of people, but the side with more people will be at their mercy as far as numbers go. So on the lower pop side, if you get 7 people with 4 of them being a premade, then they can easily faceroll the "overpopulated" side, because the system chose 7 people entirely at random.
What I'm seeing in this thread is a lot of upset people who are used to facerolling Wintergrasp every time a battle begins due to outnumbering the opposing faction... and now they have to actually play fair.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I don't care about facerolling to victory, and I'd prefer a fair fight. In fact, I don't even want to be on a wildly imbalanced server, but here I am because Alliance got tired of losing and rerolled en masse to Horde.

Now, due to a really bad population imbalance, I am being shut out of Wintergrasp. I want to participate, but I can't. How is that fair?

i have no sympathy for the overpopulated side. and horde is only overpopulated cuz most people, yourself included, want to be a perfect beautiful blood elf.

Did you not miss my statement several times that alliance is actually the higher population on my server? They just dont pvp.

And for the record, I created this mage when BC came out to see the blood elf quests. My 2 main played characters currently are troll and tauren. I could care less about "perfect beautiful blood elf". That is not the reason to play horde. Lore wise, horde is just so much better. More honorable(at least the core of the horde, unlike the core of the alliance). Im sorry, if i wanted to play World of the *%#, id roll human. But thats not what this is about. This thread is about blizzard giving a big middle finger to all of those on a side that actually cares about WG.
TC, have you ever played WG on the minority faction? It's not fun getting your ass handed to you repeatedly because the other team can be everywhere at once in greater numbers....

On Blackrock server, Wintergrasp typically consisted of 100 horde pounding 10 Alliance at their eastern grave yard with demos and catapults. That was pretty much it daily.
This is how it should be. It's pvp the match up to be fair in any way should be as close as possible to 1:1 ratio.

I find it interesting to see all those complaining about this pvp change and how it ruins their pvp experience. Yet when looking closer at these toons, you'll see that almost all of them have their 100 victory wintergrasp achievement, yet no other pvp 100 victory achievement. It seems to me that yes you are getting screwed abit about how often you get to participate in wintergrasp, but in essence it is just "QQ, I want my faceroll free honor and rewards and massive HKs" Forget about actually having to play to a decent level to earn such rewards right or the countless other pvp aspects of the game available.

Also wintergrasp is instanced, has been for quite awhile now.
Wow, I can't believe so much QQ without understanding what blizzard is doing.
News flash! Blizzard has an expansion coming out on Dec. 7th that has a new shiny pvp zone that works kinda like WG does now. Why do they care about balancing WG? They DON'T! They are testing out a GREAT SYSTEM to keep a "world" pvp zone balanced.

Those of you who are on servers where the population isn't massively skewed toward one side or another but only have 10 people getting into WG, this probably won't be the problem for Tol Barod. People will play, and fight will be balanced, you may not always get into the zone though. QQ moar.

Those of you who have 20,000 characters on your side and 200 on the other, yeah, good luck with that. Go pay blizzard a faction change or server change.

You do NOT deserve free honor/marks just because you can faceroll your way to victory by zerging.
Blizzard did NOT create faction imbalances, YOU the player did by joining/being a part of a side on a server that outnumbers the other significantly.


By making it suck royally to be part of a server on the side of the imbalance.

This is fine. Why? Because it use to be that being part of the WAY HUGER side of a server was nothing but good things. Cheaper AH, easier pugs, more guilds doing progression, WAY easier world pvp.

The other side of the server though, had NO real positives. Questing was harder because of ganking and lack of fellow player help. Few auctions. Maybe even no raiding guilds who were worth a damn.

Yeah, its not YOUR fault. But why should you have nothing but positives for being on the bigger side? NOW YOU HAVE A NEGATIVE!

I really have a hard time feeling sorry for people who choose to be on overpopulated factions. On the other hand, I agree with some of the above that in many cases the population imbalances are Blizzard's fault. Cho'gall is a prime example of a realm which Blizzard allowed unfettered server transfers to destroy for an entire faction. Why did you continue allowing server transfers to a server with 2x, 3x, 4x and more Horde than Alliance?
i have no sympathy for the overpopulated side. and horde is only overpopulated cuz most people, yourself included, want to be a perfect beautiful blood elf.

Generalizations are great. Also, they tend to be wrong. Funny the way it is, huh?

I mean, heaven forbid we want to play with our friends who happened to roll horde before the server became imbalanced. Or perhaps some of us like to raid and the guilds we are in happen to be horde? Maybe some of us even prefer the horde races and lore to the alliance...

Craziness it is.
Why are you guys fighting this it is fair for all the bonus you get for having the area. I understand that some people get left out but you are not getting left out of the extra exp and raids. Right now the low end factions are losing out on everything which is unfair for alot more people.

Technically with this change more people on the high pop faction are missing out on the honor and pvp quests in the zone than the low pop were before, which means they've just exacerbated the problem by putting in these arbitrary ceilings.

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