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and if they hadn't changed it, and the minority NEVER got access to the instance, or even vendors, you would have been perfectly happy.

oh no, you have to go a little more slowly. how bout never even being able to access the content?

yeah, you have it soooo tough.

Hyperbole does not help you make your case. Are you going to honestly sit there and tell me that you never got to run VOA? Or that you never had access to vendors?

I'll grant you that the win/loss ratio was lopsided on many, if not most, servers, but you still had access to the content. Me? Well, it's a lottery. I might get in, I might not.

There are other ways to solve this problem. Punishing the majority by denying them access to Tol Barad when it actually matters is not the right way to solve the problem.
the participants are player chosen

Chosen by which player? Me? No, the game picks from a pool of people. The size of the pool is determined by the lowest amount of people signed up.

One day it could be 8 experienced people and 15 78's vs 23 wrathful geared horde.

So, no its not chosen by players. We can't control who does and does not get in on our side except by persuasion. And going by that, you could easily do the same. Except it doesn't happen because its RIDICULOUS AND UNREALISTIC to expect to control your entire faction.
true colors comin through, only needs to be fair to you and nobody else.

from now on all post about this topic by you are rendered useless

I could say the same of you. Miss your zerg much?
sorry we roflstump still, but thanks for playing come again when your tired lines run out

Winterhoof since patch:
Horde wins: 16
Alliance wins: 14

Yes, you are clearly still dominating.
To all of the people who are crying because they are paying and can not do WG. I am paying, and before the change I could not do VoA. To refute future arguments saying "well, you could do voa some of the time", you too can do WG some of the time if you get lucky in the queue.

Long story short, if you do not like it, a faction transfer is only a few dollars.
So just cause you can get in others should not? Thats selfish and stupid.

You've gotten in enough over the past couple years at our expense. A couple of weeks without won't hurt you.
And for all of you who suddenly want to "fix WG"...

I can't remember seeing most of your names on the suggestion or PvP boards over the past couple years. Yet all of a sudden it's broken to you. Nice.

Keep those delicious tears coming. :)
I've asked this of others that are in Chicken Little mode and they refuse to answer. Do you honestly believe that TB will have 3v3 fights? I mean I get the tactic most of you guys are using when you type it, it's to help push your point about reverting WG back, but come on you don't think that more people will be coming back for Cata?

TB from my understanding is already capped anyway. The thing is we'll see full participation on BOTH sides initially. But, the beauty of this balancing, since no side will get to steamroll and GY camp the other? The lesser pop side will remain interested in participating for much LONGER than we saw for WG.

So you'll see the 40v40 you guys claim to want in TB. After a couple of months yes, you might see it be 30v30 or even 20v20. You won't see however the complete exodus by the side you were zerging if the balance is left in place.

I'm baffled that some of you seem to not understand this.

I'm equally baffled that you lack a basic understanding of math.

I don't doubt that the number of Alliance participating will go up, but I guarantee that it won't be enough to make up for the population imbalance on my and many other servers. The vast majority of people who want to play any given match will now be forced to sit out.

In addition, the queue is random, which means that if there are always more people queueing than can actually play, I may go weeks without being able to get in.

And what is the end result of all this? I rep up with Tol Barad more slowly during the only time that it actually matters.

I'm not asking for the chance to steamroll the other side every time. I'm simply asking for the chance to play, and have the opportunity to earn my Tol Barad rep.
So just cause you can get in others should not? Thats selfish and stupid.

You've gotten in enough over the past couple years at our expense. A couple of weeks without won't hurt you.

Once again this isn't so much about WG as it is it's implication on TB in the future. Your next rebuttal will be well more people will queue up on the minority faction when Cata is new content. What about those servers who had 20 or so of the minority faction queueing up when WotLK was new content due to players not being interested in PVP?

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