Does this exist? Resizing Certain Frames

UI and Macro
In an effort to get less addons, I'm really looking for an addon that lets me resize standard Wow frames, not raid frames, things like the Target frame, focus frame, whatever frame.

I don't really mind the way the stock UI stuff is and it seems silly to have Xperl just to make a bigger Target frame that I dont particularly like the look of. So I'm hoping there's an addon out there just lets me make certain things bigger or smaller or whatever.

Like the super awesome Move Anything mod but for sizing.

MoveAnything should be able to move, size and hide anything from default blizz ui.
I prefer Fluid frames because its easier for me to use. I don't have to use a menu or anything like that. just bind fluid frames to any key (I use J) then highlight the frame you want to resize and viagra :)
Oh I had no clue it sized shows how much I look at the functions available.

Thank you!

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