I give up, I surrender!

Ill go learn to keybind when you guys start outperforming me, the last guild i joined almost didnt invite me based on the fact im a clicker, yet within a week of joining i was the 2nd best dps in the guild despite having less gear than everyone else. i love it how people who aren't even enchanted correctly are hating on clickers please do us all a favor and get over it...

I know, right? I can see how clicking can be very impractical at times. It's not perfect, but if it works for you, it's sufficient. I've had ppl be surprised I'm a clicker b/c of how well I perform. Thing is, most people don't realise how incredibly high I have my mouse sensitivity set. I have a 22" widescreen monitor and my mouse only has to move 1-2 inches to go from the left edge to the right (note: this is without lifting the mouse from the table). To move from an ability to another is a much smaller movement of the hand than reaching for keybinds. And now that the UI is smaller for high resolution monitors, I move even less. :D

Besides, for those watching Blizzcon and watching Paragon do the raids? One of the people whose screen they followed was the prot pally. I was watching carefully to see which abilities they were using when I noticed something: the mouse cursor was moving from ability to ability. Even Paragon has a clicker. :P

ive gotten that alot too :P its kinda funny how people assume your a baddie because your a clicker, in pvp i can understand the issue with mouse turning/clicking at the same time but in pve its frankly just not an issue ive known people who have swaped and found key binds easier which is kool if thats what you wanna do, but don't assume were bad just on that because that baddie might just destroy you on the meter :) <3
Tanking before 4.0 was wack a mole. It took zero skill. NOW you have to know wtf your doing. Tanking is easy if your doing it correctly. I play my paladin with a priority system, and I can out threat just about anybody. I know you don't want to hear this, but the problem is you, not the class or the spec.
edit:deleted some stuff, already covered.

Good to hear your back in the game trying OP :) My pally has again become my favorite tank, they have lots of potential!

and g/l on your regearing...but also keep in mind that cat hits in 2 weeks. allot of your gear will be replaced pretty fast. don't struggle too hard. once you get to a comfortable point, stick with it, and save the extra justice points for lvl 85
Your formatting hurts me
Plus, getting in the queue for Random Heroics and the Pre-Cata events are so quick, that you should be able to buy/earn yourself new gear in no time. I don't have any problems, either.

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