Big List of Untamable beasts

Blizzard, thank you for Cataclysm. A lot of cool beasts is finally becoming tamable while you're adding in a lot of new pets. You have also forgone the crippling idea every pet family's ability effect must be unique, opening the difficulty of just coming up with a viable ability all the easier. Being Human, i won't be satisfied till beast family is tamable.

To that end I've made a big list of Beats that are still untamable, along with some suggestions on what to do with them.

BIG List of un-tamable beats. Along with some ability suggestions.

Hydra- "Three pronged frenzy"- the Hydra's heads unleash a three pronged attack dealing x amount of damage.

Kodo- i have no idea why Kodos weren't added into the Rhino family in the first place. Kodos= Rhino back in my day.

Clefthoof -merged into rhino family like Kodo

Fen-walker- "Lighting tether"- Shoots a constant stream of lightning at the opponent for for 10 seconds and slowing movement speed by 25%. One opponent- Four times as much as Lightning breath.

Diemetradon-Merged into crocolisk family

Thunder lizard- "Lizard Bolt" Shocks up to three targets with nature damage. (Twice as much as Lighting breath). But a 30-40 second cooldown. These would also include the "stegodons".

Petrodox- "Terrifying screech"- a primal Scream that causes the enemy to run in fear for up to 3 seconds.

Baslisks-merged into crocolisk family

Flayers- There are plenty of Flayers that actually count as beasts for some reason

Ungulate- that's the big science word for the "hoofed animal", help with the name wanted. This family will include all Caribu, stags, talbulk, Giraffe, Ram, Zhevra, Mule, Shovel Tusk and horses. "Trample"- Tramples the enemy, knocking them down for two seconds and dealing x amount of damage.

Protodrake- Actually many count as beasts. They’re also (As one could imagine) the primordial dragons from which the Titans would shape the dragon flights. If we can tame gods we can tame proto-drakes and it would get people to shut up about dragon.

Sprite darter- Serenity Dust.

Wyvern- "Slowing sting"- Does x amount of nature damage and slows attacker's attack speed by 50% for ten seconds.

Hipogryph- -"Wind pummel"- Pummels the enemy with gusts of wind- dealing x nature knocking the enemy down for 3 sec.

Griffon- -"Wind pummel"- Pummels the enemy with gusts of wind- dealing x natureknocking the enemy down for 3 seconds.(i decided to combine the two to save abilities for other families. Suggestions welcome. )

Hawkstrider- Merged into tallstrider family

Mana Worm- Nether Shock

Elephant-Mammoth/Elekk both go under here- -"Crush"- crushes the enemy underfoot, lowering random stat by 10%. 30 second cooldown.

Maggots/Borrow worms- Merged into worm family



and others I'm sure others I've skipped over. What all these need is their own move which i can't think of at the moment. I'm also not attached to the abilities i made up on the spot so feel free to suggest something. IF someone want to sort them into talent trees that would be great.

I won't name Sharks, Whales, Frenzies or Thrashers because of their impracticality on land.
Aspect Dragons aren't on the list because they are sentient and probably smarter than the one taming them.

Anyway, if you love pets. Which from how much our stables been expanded, you do. Then show your support.
I support this suggestion. I like seeing variety in a class and pets are a wonderful aesthetic bonus to being a Hunter.
No non exotic pet can have a damaging ability. Just thought I'd point that out.
I'd also like to point out that certain beasts are not allowed aspets because they are too large of an animal. I think they made an exception for devilsaurs because it's too %@!!ing cool not to.

No, just all the beasts on azeroth will do.
I would love to see these untamable have their restrictions lifted. In 2004, when I first saw the elks, I so wanted to tame one. I dismissed my snow leopard to tame one of these bucks in Ashenvale, to my shocking disappointment: "This creature cannot be tamed". Goodness...why!!!???

Every beast in Azeroth should be tameable. That's the majesty of a Tamer.

Sometimes World Of Warcraft is on the verge of Legendary Greatness with its customers, but suddenly pulls the chair from underneath ya and get the picture.

while i generally approve...

Your kodos are not rhinos. Theyre more closely related to the thunderlizards. Kodos are most likely (though not certainly given the uncertainty of speciation today) lizards. It is related in lorecraft that crows will steal their eggs. Now, barring the echidna and the venomous, egg laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed platypus, reptiles lay eggs. Birds are now considered reptiles btw, or the definition of reptile no longer applies to dinosaurs.

Also, your ungulates group just makes me shudder because you lumped monogastrics in with ruminants.

I had a discussion on petopia involving the theoretical convergent evolution between mammoths and elekks. Nothing wrong with your post there.

I believe you have found a loophole for proto-drake taming that they already use for warpstalkers (They're dragons, but we're not calling them dragons, so you can tame dragons).

The rest of your post sounds bloody brilliant. Support*
I think we should be able to tame Giraffes.
I strongly support the idea of having the rest of the beast families tamable AT LEAST for BM hunters. We are called Beast Masters after all. Though I would love all specs to be able to complete the list too.

I have been praying for Zhevras (and all ungulates for that matter) to become tamable since I started my first character 2 years ago. And now I just go visit Swiftmane here and there just wishing that one day he'll be at my side as my pet.

And I think Hydras are something that really need added too.

I will say that I am beyond thrilled with everything coming in Cata. I have to powerlevel my main so I can get this toon started on her pet hunts. I do have to say that I was disappointed to see things like Hellboars and Demon Hounds have their classification completely changed to make them tamable while a lot of beast classes were untouched. A little birdie rumored that this expansion still has a lot to come in the way of patches. And I just hope so much that I might one day get to tame Swiftmane.
I don't think we should be able to tame a horse, elekk, hawkstrider, wyrven, hippogriff, gryphon or kodo. They aren't really the kind of pet you would use in combat. They are beasts of burden. Raptor and nightsaber are mounts, but they make sense as combat pets. I don't think the others do though. Other than that, I support you.
@ Anuviel:
I don't agree at all. As someone that has been an Equine lover as well as owner for much of my life, I know of the nature of the species. They may not be the average wolf or lion, but a wild mustang will kill off a wolf attempting to harm his herd. The same goes with a Zebra defending itself against a lion. These beasts can and will kill. They can be trained to do just about anything as well. Not to mention the mentality of a warhorse that goes to battle for his rider. These beasts are true to their masters.

And Elekks or Elephants I'm sure you've seen a video of an elephant in action. These animals can go into quite a rage.

Wyverns and etc are all fantasy creatures that don't really have the same real life counterpart, but they do ride with you into battle. They do have "wild" counterparts in the game world. I don't see why one couldn't tame them.

But I guess when I see Hunter pets that are Beetles, Worms, Wasps, Spiders, Turtles, Crocs, Moths, and complete fantasy animals, I think that these are pretty silly Hunter pets. How many "real" hunters do you know that have these? What about Rhinos? Know any tame Rhinos? Equines for one can be tamed in real life. And considering this game does not play off the basis of real life but off of fantasy, I don't see why not. If it's a beast, Beast Masters should at the very least be able to tame it.

Plus there are plenty of pet families that I am not really fond of as they don't appeal to me for whatever reason. But I would never stand in someone else's way and keep them from being able to tame said beast. Take Felboars for example. I'm not fond of them, but I'm excited for those of you that have been longing for one for years.

/dismounts soap box
I made a similar thread on the old WoW suggestions forum. Feel free to borrow as many ideas from it as you please!
Pterrordax should be tameable, even if they get folded into the bat family. The bat family has so few skins now anyway, why not add a few more? Heck I'd settle for them being added to the carrion bird or bird of prey families even. Just please give me my Pterodactyl!
I've added Snails and mules to the list.
When they first announced the 25 pet limit, I thinking "Cool.. Never use them all, but very cool."

Of course, I was one of those that when I got my first 10 MB Harddrive, I thought I would never use it all up also.

Now I can see that I could easily fill a 50 slot stable. Why just have one color fox? I mean Ashtail is neat, but I would like to use the white one in snow covered areas. I really hated having to abandon Humar, Broketooth, King B, and the rest of named cats I had tamed.

My slots are filled, with two saved for the new spirit beasts and one more for that "special" tamable I haven't seen yet, and Cata isn't even out yet. LOL
Yup, I also cannot understand, from the lore side, why can't Pterrordaxes be tameable. We can already tame raptors and devilsaurs, so...?
I have played since Burning Crusade release. When I first went into the Barrens as an 11 hunter, I saw the Zhevra. I gasped, "OMG THEY'RE SO PRETTY" so I abandoned my dragonhawk and went to tame one. It wasn't tamable. Go figure. Ever since I started, I've wanted zhevra and giraffes tamable. It doesn't make since NOT to! We don't have to mount them! I mean come ON! You gave us the mount model of the wolves in Ramps, why not give us this? They're such pretty animals. -Sadpanda- I've been hoping that one day Blizzard will grant my first wish as a huntard I ever had. Make them tamable PLEASE!
I'd sell my soul to tame all of the beasts. Literally. +1

Hydra- "Three pronged frenzy"- the Hydra's heads unleash a three pronged attack dealing x amount of damage
I would love it if you could tame giraffes!! That would be a for sure pet that needs to be added to the list of tamable animals!!

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