Threat Issues as Frost still prevalent?

Death Knight
I just came back after a 6 month hiatus, before i left, i had problems with threat and at times forced to change talents into subversion. DK icy talons got buffed to ludicrous numbers, and i was able to re-spec back out of it.

Last night i was having to throttle dps hardcore and at only 10k dps, omen was showing my threat at 14k threat per second, which was fairly odd (seeing as how others were able to do more dps with far less threat). I got quite a few upgrades last night and my dps peeked around 15k, so it will be more once they're sorted out.

It seems odd that there is no threat cool-downs or talents for us available or any longer, is there a hidden -threat debuff incorporated?

Tanks where for some reason last night complaining about threat issues, i guess from all the class buffs that went out with 4.0.3, these aren't bad tanks in fact some of the best tanks that i've seen play the game so that is not the issue.

my issue is my own currently threat generation which seems vastly unfair at how much I do for the dps I put out which leads to issues.
I'm not much of a theorycrafter, so the only assistance I can offer you here is that I had threat issues as Frost RIGHT up until 4.0.1. After that, my dps went up, and my threat issues stopped.

I'm not sure whether it's a discrepancy between our tanks' comfort level after the changes, their own threat generation, or that my dps went up net less than yours. Just want to offer my experience up.
I fully agree, I'm never able to fully go out on any boss unless I want to have aggro of said boss. I would even have a Pally Salv me every chance he could and would still have massive threat gain... I even used to have the 2% reduced threat enchant on my cloak before the patch, but yeah it doesn't work enough to be worth having.
Howling Blearghst doesn't pull as much threat at 85, no worries. It actually scales pretty poorly compared to some other abilities, notably tank abilities.

If you hate threat issues, go Unholy. Pet dps = no threat.
I wouldn't really go with saying bad tanks, the two I raid with the most are a DK and a Warrior, they both have equal or better gear then me and I have done 10/12Hms with them. And I will still pull threat if I don't wait for about 10sec before attacking and having to stop a few times during some of the fights.

At least my threat gen. isn't as bad of as the Moonkin's in my raid group......
I find I am having threat issues as well. I can wait and even stop attacking entirely yet as soon as i cast Howling Blast threat is all over me. Hoping they(Blizz) can fix the threat gen on this for lvl 80's
most tanks had trouble right as 4.0 hit holding threat with all the changes, and at the same time, frost lost its ability to get subversion threat reduction. For raids, good tanks can hold threat much better (assuming you give them a few seconds to build some threat up), and bad tanks will not. For heroics, unless you have a decent tank wearing some/all dps gear, expect to end up tanking at least half the trash.
a MD will give him the threat lead he needs and by the time it's over his Vengeance will be stacked high enough that no one will pull off him.

This only works if you have a Hunter, or Rogue in the raid party. And no my raid group has neither Class.

I don't know get out of Blood Presence probably.

Not sure if this was directed at me but sorry I'm not that dumb, I know what Pres. to be in and would think I know what I'm doing for the most part as a DK.
It may be a matter of the tanks still getting used to their changes. I'm in no way saying they are bad, just a bit off as the groove they used to party in has shifted in a different direction.

My suggestion would to be to treat and encounter like a race, rev the engine a bit before you let go of the brake.
I've yet to find a tank that can out-tps me as Frost.
You can actually still tank in Frost. Ran a few heroics the other day doing it for fun. Surprisingly held aggro the entire time without much effort.
Yes they have major threat issues. Frost DKs are the only spec I worry about as a tank anymore. As soon as I see that light blue bar and a couple of "Losing Threat" scrolling combat messages in the first fight I check Recount, see the trademark "Howling Blast 99999999999 (80%)" and sigh.

Howling Blast needs to have an innate threat reduction built in. The amount of burst threat it puts out is outrageous.

I think it's less that it puts out burst threat (which it does) and more that most DK's run in, drop DnD, and start spamming HB. On a good pull, I can drop DnD and pump out four HB in quick succession, even more if I hit ERW. That's pretty much guaranteed to pull off of just about any tank.

I foresee a lot of the issues being worked out in Cataclysm, when DK's spamming HB get continuously pasted from mobs.
Honestly I've been wondering if we'll have to go back to using IT instead of HB in Cata for most fights, just so we don't break any CC. It will be very interesting to see how everything goes with the new fights we'll be running into. (I really do hope it will be like playing in vanilla.)
Honestly I've been wondering if we'll have to go back to using IT instead of HB in Cata for most fights, just so we don't break any CC.

From what I've heard, this shouldn't happen with a decent tank. Tanks have a significant amount of secondary AoE (such as Heart Strike, Blood Boil, Pestilence, Shockwave, Avenger's Shield, glyphed Maul, ...), as do some other classes. If they're tanking next to CC'd mobs, those CCs will be broken by someone, quite possibly the tank themselves.

Regarding the threat issues for Frost, I believe the issue is we're one of few melee classes/specs without some form of threat reduction or dump skill, as well as not having the DPS split with a pet that Unholy has. This means that 100% of our damage turns straight into threat, with no option to dump or reduce it.

The Howling Blast threat issue is mainly due to the AoE -- Obliterate and Frost Strike both do more damage on single target, but the moment there's more than one mob, we're much more likely to pull something off of the tank with Howling Blast.

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