What wrong with my Gear?

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I mean seriously I keep getting 1 shotted in almost every raid for some reason yes i know about Boss abilities they always have a 1 shot thing but I know is not that. So what do I need right now? Patch 4.0.1 screw me... lol one thingg I say right now is my damm parry what screwed me or idk and also yes I know I have too many Blue Gems.

One more thing sorry for my poor grammar.
Do you have any raid logs from any of these raids? Being able to look back at them would probably help narrow down the issue.

Do you include WoG in your rotation or not? Try doing it to help your healers if necessary. Honestly, I haven't seen any paladins tanks get insta-gibbed lately, even if they were going in 232 level gear.
Yep I do the WoG rotation everytime.....

Second Raid log like for example RS Baltarus was hitting me then isntanly 1 shot me nope is cleave not tempest blade...
Look through your recount death log, check as to why you died.

If you dont have recount go to curse.com grab that and if you dont have deadly boss mods get that to remind you of boss abilities as they happen like - move out of ZYX and ZYX is inc etc. Also has inbuilt /range feature which everyone needs for raiding.

That might help to tell why you died and help stop from happening again.

If your doing all those things and not standing in fire etc the healers just might not be healing through the ground pulse damage or boss swings something that is legit dmg they have to heal through. Or perhaps the healers have to also change their heal style and heals they are using because I know of several healers who have not adapted to the changes either and are using heals that are to small or not often enough to keep the tanks alive. LK is still a spammy environment that requires big heals.
Your gear seems fine, cept the balebrew trinket it doesnt have a good 'proc' or 'use' so try and get the black heart or armor ilvl 245 trinket with JP would probably help more on healers healing you. I dont know so much about tanking specs but I think speccing is almost impossible to do wrong atm.

Perhaps go to paladin forums, or EJ forums etc view the 4.0.1 paladin infos people wrote up.

Your gear should be fine to do normal ICC/RS with some of the easier HMs.
Recount says I got punched on da face by a tempest punch in Baltarus lol.

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