[UPDATED]Bugs related to battleground queues!

Bug Report
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There's still many bugs related to battlegrounds and the new queue system.

-You are no longer able to queue for more than one battleground. If you are only queued for one battleground and try and queue for a second it says you can't queue for more than two battlegrounds, yet you are only queued for one.

-Queued twice for the same battleground. When you try and leave both queues, one of them you can't leave.

-Can't queue as a group.

-Sometimes says you are using dungeon finder when you are not.

-Queues are longer in all brackets, on both factions, when the battlegroup merged was supposed to reduce queues.

-Many games only have 1-3 players from the start to the end on one team, while the other team has 10 players. I thought queues weren't supposed to pop unless both teams had 10 players in queue. This happens because of the bug mentioned above where players can't join the battleground when they get the pop.

-Spots are open in certain battlegrounds and there's other players in queue, but can't get the pop. This is because those spots that are open were spots that were supposed to be filled by players who got the pop and couldn't join when they clicked "Enter Battle".

-If you take a portal or hearth when you have the Deserter buff it will go back up to 15 minutes.

-If a battleground ends because of their not being enough players, it will simply kick everyone from the game and give them all Deserter.

-Battlegrounds sometimes say not enough players, yet the game is full or close to full.

-If you log out right after you get Deserter the timer won't go down sometimes. It will still be at 15 minutes the next time you log in, no matter how long you logged out.

-Some players will get rezzed, while others won't. It happens randomly.

-Sometimes when a battleground pops the screen disappears quickly and then you go to join battle and the option is not there.

-You queue up and don't get a pop, yet the player who queued up after you gets a pop.

Anyone who knows any other bugs related to queuing for battlegrounds feel free to post them. I'll edit them into the post.
Gonna bump because this has been happening more frequently. A lot of these issues were in the 4.01 ptr. Guess they never got around to fixing them >.<
Sometimes to spirit guide wont rez you, the whole rez animation comes up but you just stay dead and the timer will reset at 30 seconds

Quick Easy way to fix that is to run away from the graveyard and then just simply return, but it is still considered a bug and needs to be fixed.

Also Bump so we can get other bugs fixed

Added a few more things. Also, hi Leighbowery. :)

Sup Pizza ;)
Glad to see I haven't been gkicked for being inactive haha
Hopefully I'll see ya ingame soon. I'm stoked about the bg merge.
Unfortunately my Mac is no longer supported, so I need to buy a new one -.-

Gonna bump because this has been happening more frequently. A lot of these issues were in the 4.01 ptr. Guess they never got around to fixing them >.<

It happened to me all night last night - maybe about 6 to 9 BGs that I couldn't enter. "You are now queued for <Battleground Name>, Right click to enter." yet nothing happens. It's the randomness that really gets me. I'm unsure if it's something I'm doing or not.
Ah I figured there must be another post about this somewhere.
I posted in another about it but this has been happing to most everyone
I have talked to that PVP's regularly, even max levels. It's probably the
worst bug I've ever seen as it actually cuts in on game time :(
Same has happened to me.... fix please
Glad other people are experiecing this, and its not just me. Just got disconnected in a BG, came back zoned out with deserter, was down to 5 min left and I decided to log an alt, came back on the toon with deserter and it was refreshed to 15 min.

Unrelated maybe, but I also disconnect everytime I alt-tab during a loading screen.
Experiencing the same, yet not every single time. BG pops, cannot enter and cannot leave queue. I have to log out and back in to fix it, then requeue.

Was just in a WSG that I couldn't leave. The BG ended, and the Leave Battleground icon at the bottom of the scoreboard was unresponsive. I tried to right click the minimap icon, but Leave Battleground didn't work there either. I had to wait for it to kick me after 2 minutes.
The inability to join a BG is really murder on premades, especially if you have to wait 8-15 minutes to get in. Really needs a fix.

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