Bladestorm and Spell reflect

Blade storm is very lacking right now and really i only use it to break roots and snares.

This isn't just some talent we get for free. Its our 31 point talent and it is crap in the current state. I do more damage by not using it.

If Blizz is toning the damage of it down, at least make it a little defensive too..... like for the duration, all ranged and spells have a 30% chance of being reflected back at the caster. Give us some anti kite and survivability.

I also think Spell Reflect is to latency dependent. My speed test clocks in at 16 MBPS and i still cant seem to switch to my shield and reflect before a 1.5 sec cast can go off.

It is really not that crazy to ask for a spell reflect to work with my huge 2 handed blade. Make it a part of an arms talent below 11 points, It is going to be very key for us to reflect with a reaction time of better than a second and a half.

I do like the state warriors are in, but Id trade my 31 point talent for almost any, (or maybe ANY) 31 point talent in any class/spec. It is very very bad right now and people only use it out of habit... I dont want it to be a hahaIpressed1button&killed3ppl button, but it needs to be better than what my rend ticks for.

I know no one will ever see this post, but its worth a shot in the dark. Both these spells need tweaking to make the better and spell reflect is just so clunky that if im lagging i dont even use it.

Feel free to elaborate more.
Lookup an addon called Snowfall Keypress.

It feels like 100ms shed off your timing, and I love it so.
Use Snowfall Keypress and Leatrix Latency fix.

I do believe that they put in a latency slider bar int he set-up options of WoW, too. If it isn't there, it'll be there once Cata hits.

Bladestorm still has not been updated to where it is on the beta.

Bladestorm has its uses; It is no longer an I-WIN button.

You use it in conjunction with cancelaura macros and SS to put pressure and stupid people who bunch up or to save you from a kitestorm to burst city.

However, you do not use it on single-targets in PVE. You want 4+ Targets for it to be worthwhile IIRC.

And we do not need Bladestorm to have a passive spell reflect tied to it.

thatd be really cool though, that you have to admit

while it would be, we'd be the hardcounter to wizard cleaves and make certain spell-based things trivial in PVE, so it will never happen.
Ive got snowfall and Leatrix.

(I suggest all warriors get leatrix... its great)

Im a kinda new warrior, (only a year) and i have 2v2 experience between 1800s and 2000s in 2s from season 2-7. (Hunter, Rogue, and Pally)

For some reason now it take 3 button presses to do a reflect from my 2 hander. It will equip my 1 hander on the first, shield on the second, and cast on the third.

#showtooltip spell reflect
/equip (my 1 hander)
/equip (my shield)
/cast spell reflect

Same macro use to be 2 presses before 4.0,

Now Ive confirmed this from about 200 tests, it is 3 button presses...

If you have a 150 ms ping, that means its 450ms.. (or half a second) to get off.
Not to mention if god forbid i have 300 ping.

And unless i cast it preemptively (which i do a lot) I seem to miss a lot of important reflects. And I use to be pretty pro at it back before 4.0.

I havent really got the chance to 2v2 with this guy much, but its my main in cataclysm, and I would like to have a spell reflect I can use as reactionary.

On the bladestorm topic. I know that (It has its uses). But so does demoralizing shout. BUT ITS NOT OUR 31 POINT TALENT.

Tell me one 31 pointer from any tree you wouldn't trade it for right now.
If you use it on a single target then you are just stuck in your ways.

With my gear right now (granted not the best, but good) I was doing 800 ticks on a pally and 1300 ticks on a warlock. ???

Give it a damage buff or some utility. (OK For you PVE'ers... Im only taking about pvp... no one cares how much fun it is to see 100k dps on the trash pulls)

My macro for bladestorm is
/use (my ap trinket)
/cast sweeping strikes
/cast bladestorm

And when i had an Ilvl 200 weapon and a 3500 GS i did more with it than i do now (AND that was before i had cast ap trinket)

This is the state of our 31 pointer.
Seriously... ill take any other classes 31 pointer right now and never look back. I could take bladestorm off my bars and wouldn't miss it besides when im rooted.

NOW my bladestorm macro looks like this

/cast bladestorm
/cancel bladestorm

just to break roots. That is it.... It is now equal to the Gnome Racial... Come on. Really?

Like i said, im not wanting an IWIN button, im wanting to enjoy my 31 pointer... Give it some flare,
-add a speed increase
-add a little single target damage and 50% to others
-add some defense
-Make it break fears and Stuns
-Make us a dam helicopter that flys away.... just do somthing to it.

Spell reflect and Bladestorm needs to be looked at.

Thats all im saying....

The thing is that Bladestorm is currently only hitting for 100% Weapon Damage.

On the beta it hits for 150% Weapon Damage.

It still needs to hit harder because we lost ArP.

They COULD add a conditional to it(and most of our abilities) where it deals bonus damage to targets suffering from bleeds.

At the moment is is lackluster, but it is useable. They may re-vamp it if it is seeing little use in both PVE and PVP once cata launches, because there is little they can do to balance the ability with these inflated combat ratings and the %##! period between expansions.
I agree that 50% more damage on it will be pretty nice. At least it will be usable on 3 and above targets rather than the 4 or 5 and above as it is right now.

I really don't think pve is a concern with this. 15% ish of warriors pve arms and even less at a high level.

I have faith they will revamp it, but I just pushing the subject because this is the same blizzard that gave hunters dead zones for 3 years, and took whole season 5 to fix dks.

If enough people keep these threads at the top maybe something will get done.

I actually DO NOT think we need more damage. I think we need more utility. Make the bladestorm increase your parry by 40% for the duration and increase running speed by 20%.

This is not over the top and lets you have some use in melee and when kited. Bladestorm fixed forever and actually balanced. But this is blizz and that is too easy right?

No reason to EVER use bladestorm in melee right now, unless 5 are one you... and your dead anyways then right.

Even if you avoid a stun by hitting it.... What did u accomplish.... You did maybe 7k damage to the ret/rogue/warrior.... and he either killed you (Because you can use on Defense when twirling around) or he almost has you dead.

On top of that, 4 classes can stop you in the middle of the act.

It is WAY more of a liability to use against melee than it is to not use it....

The spell is cool looking and sounds cool and all, but it just isnt cutting it, and 50% more damage will make it just a little less bad.

We need some utility in it..... breaks fears and stuns, take the disarm part away. Give it some damage reduction or avoidance.

We need it to be good vs melee and whatever vs casters......

At 85 we will wish we did more about it than we did ..... so im getting on it now..... lets get this thing changed and not just 50% more damage..... so now we get a whopping 10k damage in 5 seconds while we are 100% defenseless. In the mean time our opponents are lining up burst combos and cooldowns.

At 80 in full ARP this was a 100-0 button if we caught someone with no cooldowns and poped a trinket..

Its a different game of now, forget the gibbing people, lets get this thing usable.

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