I would like to take this opportunity to make an important request of those who frequent the @day threads.

With the finalization of the forum migration, a number of unsavory characters have begun to clog up the warrior forum with mindless babble. We must band together to combat this plague.

Here is my request: When you see a thread or post akin to something bigdownlow might post, please IGNORE it. Down-rate the post, do not bump the thread by posting in it, and move along.

This does NOT mean ignore uninformed warriors that are earnestly seeking help. Hopefully they will spend a few moments using the search function before posting, but you can't win em' all. The forum is here to help, but some people need to learn to use a little more discretion when posting.

Time for bed...I have to pick my friend up from work in 6 hours...ugh.

Edit: I just want to point out that this is not entirely about the one poster. There have been many others, he has just been the most persistent.
I'm sorry I've been bumping his post, but I have so much rage! Hacking at his post is my heroic strike.
I'm sorry I've been bumping his post, but I have so much rage! Hacking at his post is my heroic strike.

Trust me, I feel your pain...err, rage...but responding is only making it worse. I've posted a few times, but I'm done.
I will agree with this, but sadly i'm havin too much fun right now.
<<Has no idea what you're talking about.

Edit: *read a thread by Bigdownlow*
Now I get it.

Edit2: Couldn't we just mark him as trolling and be done with it?
<<Has no idea what you're talking about.

Edit: *read a thread by Bigdownlow*
Now I get it.


Anyway, have a great Thursday people. Goodnight.
Hope your son gets to feeling better. Being sick ain't fun, worse when it's your kid I'd reckon.
i had to wash all my sheets cause my son has puke all over them cause he sick 99.5 temp.
i hope he feels better.

ive been down rating him like mad.

edit: DAMN IT SANDBOX i was going to do @thursday in about 4 hrs LOLOL

I was in that boat myself. Not so much the "son puking over sheets" thing, but just the puking part.

Woke up, felt like garbage. Went to class for an hour, came back home, napped.

My only sick day the entire semester.
Since it's actually thursday now
I'm sexy
I woke up to pee at 4 AM.

Back to sleep.
Almost the weekend wooooot! Next week I get 19 hours PTO for Thanksgiving, this is gonna be a rowdy week starting Friday ending next Sunday. Tonight is the IC10 achievement run, I only need 6 more for my drake and our team cleared 11/12 hardmodes last week on our first week attempting it so I am pretty sure the achievements will be no problem. Less than 3 weeks until cata people!
What's up with all the sickies today!?

Dear Thursday,

Please hurry up and go away so it can be Friday.

Yours truely,

ugh do not like thursdays
Dear Thursday...

I picked up dog crap this morning, even after having to let my dog out at 12AM last night (or this morning, if you want to be nit-picky). It was highly frustrating.

But I now have the HP7 midnight release to look forward to, so I don't mind.
1 more day until the Weekend! Then I might have some time level my new Alt....lol

Oh and the dislike button will hide their comments within the topics. Hopefully this will warn then new comers.
new Avengers cartoon is on.

I can't believe I forgot about this. I was listening to the Bob & Tom show this morning on the way to work. They had this comedienne on and she was talking about her husband, who is a game-developer. She said that when she met him, he had a "pointy, wizard beard." Then she said something about him being a level 15 rogue. They talked about gamers and beards for a while...just thought I'd share that. It was a nice (funny) way to start the morning.
Hey folks, usual stupid Thursday at work...and I do not mean the day, referencing the people :)

Anyone else having fun with these invasions? And why does only SW get the elite mobs while IF gets the little ones...unless I missed something yesterday whilst in IF?

That radio show sounds fun! I usually listen to 98rock, Mickey, Amelia and Spiegle in the AM, very entertaining :)

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