Is Hammer of the Righteous full AE now?

As title says, the shockwave makes me think yes, and the fact so far it's hit most things, but that could be attributed to lag, and the fact things I am testing on aren't exactly able to take more than one hit so just want confirmation about that compared to current like HotR.
Yes, its a full AE now. The tooltip in game actually states that pretty clearly :P
One thing I've noticed about it though. It seems the 8 yard aoe portion is an 8 yard radius around the primary target, rather than an 8 yard radius around yourself, despite what the graphic implies. You can test this with some target dummies that are spread apart at different distances.

For instance, in darnasus there are dummies where 2 are right beside each other, and another is a bit farther away.



If you (P) stand in front of B and attack B, the aoe from HotR will hit A and B but not C, which makes sense:

If you stand between B and C, at max range from B and attack B, the aoe still only hits A and B:
I'll have to test that out, Brave, that may explain some of the aggro grab anomalies I've seen when using the hammer.

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