Recourse for flag-holding HK farmers?

Please tell me you're still twinking in the 29s

Pfff, no.

Semi-twinked Sargie C has retired at the ripe level of 30 off the coast of Darkshire. Amusing times on Whirlwind, no doubt. Besides, Bliz crushed the life out of my signatures sword and board lowbie warriors. Stance Mastery at level 58? Bliz teaching warriors to be bad, I guess.

These days, I'm just leveling toons in the 40 and 50 bracket. If you see the guild name <Zealots of Charax>, bask in the Aura of Greatness.


Some things never change though, your greatness has always been restricted to the boards. I will miss killing you tho.

Ha! I just decided to bring my good cheer to higher brackets. I still carry bad teams on my shoulders:

As always, I am happy to lend my hand to the weaker players so that they can taste the joys of victory. The gratitude they show is just priceless.



PS: Twink That, I recognize. Your toon name, I don't. Which one of your toons did I smack around? I probably still have some SS from those days.
Really the only thing you can do is lead your team out of their retarded mopey "all is lost" depression and get them to focus fire the flag carriers healers, kill them, then kill the FC.

Or if you don't want to do that /afk.
This isn't just an issue in low level bg's.

The issue is group composition and rewarding HK farming. I'll leave group composition to another post (TLDR on that note, there needs to be an almost LFG system where people declare dps or healing roles, the numbers of each are balanced, and players are then rewarded accordingly - dps for doing dps type things, healers for doing healer type things).

Impossible. What will you do when I queue as a healer for fast times and then run around in feral eating people's faces?

Um, the answer to that question is in my post you quoted. If you que as heals, you get rewarded for doing healing type things a lot more than dps type things. Separate rewards structure for each role.
Stop rezzing and they will cap the last cap

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