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I know this question has probably been beat to death by now but is assassination really as much of a DPS boost over combat? I was reading on some forums that the difference PVP wise is up and around 3k. The reason I was asking is because I currently raid as combat (only because i got the weapons for it early on) and I feel like my DPS should be a lot higher then it currently is.

As combat I only do about 5.5 - 6k on average in ICC, some bosses are more or less depending on the fight. I use the standard rotation. SnD>rupture>evis .

I plan to switch to mutilate as soon as I get a decent set of daggers. If the difference between combat and mutilate is really 3k dps do you think it would be worth dropping my 251 weapons and rolling with some 232 daggers? I have one I am trying to get the other to test it out. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a rough Idea if that would work or not.
Cata drops in 19 days. There's no point in wasting your time spending gold when you one should be farming. That's just my opinion. And yeah combat's kinda not cool anymore and if you're doing under 8k with 30% buff you got a problem. You might wanna reach white hit cap also. As far as the combat < assassination thing. I wouldn't jump to downgrading to 232 but i'd spend some time in bg's getting the off hand / main hand. Most likely your dps would either stay the same or gain slighty. As soon as patch dropped i went assassination. So i couldn't tell you how much my dps increased. With my gear the way it is i normally run from 10-12k. Pending on raid comp etc.
As assassination most of your damage is going to come from your poisons so I wouldn't be as worried about your weapons. You can get buy without having the perfect dagger since poison damage bypasses armor anyway. Assassination is the less gear dependant of the 3 trees.
Cata drops in 19 days. There's no point in wasting your time spending gold when you one should be farming.
ah thanks guys that makes sense about the poisons i may just try out the daggers and see, I know cata drops in soon I just wanted to up my DPS a little bit for my guild run next week, were going for 12/12 heroic for bane and so I can get my mount (the rest of the guild got them last night) which is why im trying to fix my DPS now rather then wait till cata drops. Thanks for the advice.

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