BG'S are F#%$'d Up >.>

Bug Report
A most annoying bug ive had in pvp of late, since 4.0 and ive not seen much help with this either, is that i have been getting disconections during a battleground and upon logging in have been removed, given a deserter debuff and made to wait longer, not all bad if ya afk or have other things to do... but when you can only finish one in 5 bg's if your lucky >> it blows.
Tickested a few gm's in game to no avail, being told teher aware of it... blah blah etc etc, pre 4.0 ive had no connection issue's 1 random disconnection a month if i was lucky and now i cant finish a battleground... i dont know wat you did blizz but can you fix it asap :\

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