The invasions are getting old fast.

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The invasion was a cool event the first 2 or 3 times. It was well thought out, at least at the start, and highly enjoyable. But now that its been happening every day, every few hours for a few days its getting extremely old and annoying fast. It is actually hampering my playing. Now that raiding is done for the expansion I'm doing the one thing that is really left in the game. The mini game known as the AH. However every few hours this thing happens where all the sudden the NPCs, even the mail boxes (wtf really? The elementals ninja'd our mail boxes?) despawn for the duration of this event. Its really not needed. Could you not just keep the mail boxes and add some goblin mechano auctioneer during the event for people who have already participated in the event enough that they don't ever want to see another elemental again?
Or you could take the portal to another capital city and resume auction housing (new word) there.

Also, already a day after and there's complaining?! Gasp! Who would have known?!
phase me. lol.
Yeah, you've done them already - and that is all that matters, yes? Who cares if all the other people who haven't had a chance to log on yet haven't done so.

"I did them and nao I iz BORED. Take them out quickly!"

For the record, I did them on day one as well. And the more of my casual mates that came online, the more I told them about the event so they could experience it too.
The elementals don't care about your weeping.

Seriously though, it's an event that only lasts for about a week or two, ever. Be a man about it until it's over.
The point of being near the AH is to EMPTY them onto said AH and sell the stuff.
i was on the ptr earlier, the elemental invasion is still going on after the shattering. I booked it out of the cities and went exploring.
It's kind of tedious and definitely not as fun as the zombie event. Fighting other players, especially my own faction, was infinitely more fun than some non threatening elementals.
Horde: SMC or Undercity

Alliance: Exodar or Darnassus

Nice and peaceful. No invasions.
i was on the ptr earlier, the elemental invasion is still going on after the shattering. I booked it out of the cities and went exploring.

It won't be like that on live. It was the same way with the prior ptr build when they were JUST testing all of the pre-shattering events. They had the elementals attacking the cities even though they had just started testing the events.

When the shattering goes live, the elemental invasions should be over. So... people probably have about a week left I imagine.

To the OP... I hear there is a zeppelin outside of Org that will take you to Undercity. :O Imagine that, you COULD move your bank toon for now. Problem solved.
I wish it was a little more dynamic. Thats what made the zombie event great, every day during it was a little different, it was chaos but in a player made, unstable way. Elemental event is cool and all, but its so static it goes from being "oh cool, this is fun!" to "ok farm the elementals so we can farm the bosses for more JP"
The very fabric of the planet is being torn about. Deathwing, Aspect of Death is preparing to shatter the world to its foundations and destroy everything you hold dear. The forces of the Twilight Hammer prepare to unleash chaos and destruction through their dark masters. Powered by the Old Gods themselves, Cho'Gall leads his forces to bring about his terrible vengance.

In other words: You might experience some slight inconvinience when the world is in the process of ending.
It's super easy to get from Orgrimmar to Undercity. Take 5 mins and take your bank alt there.

A lazy merchant isn't worth the time.
Then stop doing them... Christ.

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