Mages i have a question.

I am gonna be making a goblin mage come next month. This well be my first mage. So i have a question. I am gonna level as arcane,because i am having a blast with it in the ptr. So here is my question to the expert mages out their. What would be optimal best dps spec for the level 85 raiding spec? Also, what are gonna be my stats i should be looking for?
Nobody knows
haha ok thank you guess i will have to wait tell next year then.
Based on what is going on in the Beta raid tests, there really is no "ideal" spec. Roll as the spec you find the most fun and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

From the looks of it, there might be an "ideal" spec on certain bosses, but the difference is going to be a few hundred DPS. Not enough to really worry about it unless you're in a #1 guild fighting for a server first, and even then the next fight will likely change what on is "best" again.

Of course this could all change by the time fixes are put into place and everyone is 85.
as for stats i think it will be safe to say that you need to be hit capped first

after that you will want haste, mastery, and crit, tho i'm not sure the order of importance for these at 85
You can read the theorycrafting going on @ it's usually a pretty good source of information :)

Being hit capped is going to be much harder at 85, so that may not end up being true.
Just because it is harder to get odes not make it any less crucial. If you have reforge, regem and reenchant every single piece of gear (like we are likely to need to do until we get decked in epics, and even then to some extent) you have to hit that hit cap, then you better damn well reforge regem and reenchant every thing that can give you extra hit rating.

It might be more beneficial to use hit food/potions or something to get the cap, and then not gem or forge quite so much hit, but I don't have any evidence or idea one way or another.
Nothing personal but Elitestjerks would not be my first choice. The place is a confusing mess right now and lets face it all their calculations are about BIS gear so most of they're theroycrafting is useless for 90% of the WoW players out there anyway. Yes right now their just guessing, just like the rest of us.

Just play like you want, Cata is less than a month away and everything is subject to change, nothing is written in stone at this point in time.
Thank you for answering my question. Looks like i have to wait tell next year to find out the raid spec. Also i used for my warlock info. So i will use that too. thanks again for the help.

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