pvp spec come cata?

Death Knight
i know nothing is for sure since it hasnt launched but what does everyone believe will be the best pvp spec come cata? i just started my DK today, finally gave in ^^ and im wanting to know ahead of time so i can just start specn for that.

also, when i say pvp im mainly talking about BG's. if i decide to do arena when i max then il worry about that then :P

thank you
What's your desired role in BGs? you don't want to carry a flag as squishy frost or unholy, but blood will probably be one of the best flag carriers around. Frost and unholy are great at taking down flag carriers either directly or by pulling their healers out of the equation. If you have a healer or at least a mage partner for extra snares, you will destroy.

If you just mean solo-queue random BGs where you look at the scoreboard and try to get sick dmg numberz and talk smack to everyone, then go frost and spam howling blast into groups.

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