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0. Does this addon exist?   11/17/2010 11:15:32 PM PST
I am looking to see if there is any sort of text overlay addon, or if I can simply make one with skinner?


I use Clique for healing. And I am having a difficult time remembering all of the modifiers, since my priest already has 9-10 abilities configured.

Now the difficult part. My healer, is a slave while multiboxing. So it is essentially a background window.

I am playing from my tanks perspective, and simply have my healer standing back keeping myself and lowbies up.

Here is a screenshot of my UI.

Now depending on the modifier will obvisouly cast the heal I am aiming for.

Somehing like this:

Does anyone need more of an explanation?
I'm taking this to mean you're looking for some sort of post it note?

You could create a sort of post it note using kgPanels and its text features. You could probably even configure it to swap text out depending on your modifier (though I won't swear to that).
Try KGPanels.

You can create a panel that has text on it and nothing else. Lay that panel over your Clique and set it's strata to high with it as click through so it wont intercept your clicks. You can also set it to show only when clique is active as well, but that's a bit more technical.
Sorry that this is almost a necro...

I was playing around with kgPanels last night and there *IS* a way to have text in a panel change according to what modifier you're holding atm. I haven't worked out all the details as far as the scripts go, but I do have a basic outline. This way you can literally have your standard spells listed (for clique, vuhdo, healbot etc) and when you hold shift, it would list the spells that will be cast with that particular modifier.

TBH, I think the scripting could help to learn where those lesser used spells are (or remind you). I'd have to say, though, that if you're raiding with any regularity, the kgPanel post-it would become irrelevant after a short time. I'll link the URL to the sample script in the next day or so, in case anyone wants to fiddle with it.

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